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   Chapter 1195 Made A Mistake

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"I'll get you out of this inner world right now,"

Brianna said and lightly waved her hand towards Zen. The next moment, he felt an invisible force enveloping him.

Soon after that, his soul suddenly shot straight up into the sky. As he was flying in the air, he was struck by another bolt of lightning that startled him.

After leaving the inner world, Zen returned once again into Brianna's mind. As he was getting aware of his surroundings, he heard the woman's voice.

"I've sealed off all the power you released from the Soul Core earlier. But there shouldn't be any problem now."

Following this piece of information, strands of grey light began to soak into Brianna's body. Zen's soul was immersed in her mind now, and her bodily senses were slowly wakening.

Unaware of these developments, Turner, War King Wind, and the rest of the company were standing around with gloomy expressions on their faces.

The atmosphere was extremely depressing on the platform, and it was visible on everyone's face.

The longer they waited, the slimmer their hopes became. It had already been four hours since the unfortunate incident, but there was still no news of Zen, nor any communication from him.

Everyone knew that Zen's soul had probably perished long ago. It was just that they were still in denial and didn't want to admit it.

"Alas, we shouldn't have explored the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land this time. It would have been completely fine if we didn't try to get our hands on the Ancestral Dragon's egg. What really gets to me is that we brought Thad with us. And now he's gone..." a Soul Sea Realm master suddenly remarked. Regret could be seen on his face.

"Give up on the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land? Humph! I don't think Master Derek would have been too happy with that idea!" another Soul Sea Realm master refuted.

"I don't think so. Although the Ancestral Dragon's egg is important, I believe Thad is more important than that. Furthermore, I am unsure that we will obtain the Ancestral Dragon's egg this year anyway. So I guess we will have to try next year."

"Guys, the problem is that Thad himself insisted on entering the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land! So it's not actually our fault, and we can't blame it on him either."

Numerous powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm began animatedly discussing the matter.


War King Wind suddenly stood up and roared at them furiously. Although every single warrior on the platform was at the Soul Sea Realm, the authority of any one of the four emperors was unquestionable. Thus, when War King Wind roared, everyone shut their mouths.

"I will take over a corpse on the 12th floor. And then we'll head towards the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land!" War King Wind continued. He was already in a terrible mood to begin with after seeing what happened to Zen, so when he heard them make a ruckus, he naturally became extremely agitated.

Hearing that her fath

ck thought, Zen understood this point.

Brianna had just killed a powerful warrior at the Soul Sea Realm. Now he was controlling her body, but they didn't know who was pulling the strings. It would have been more strange if they didn't run away. They didn't know it was him.

Since he was not familiar with the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land, he had to enter it with the people from the four divine kingdoms. As he thought of this, Zen quickly grabbed the space ring that he had placed aside and took out the Black Star. He gently waved it and shattered the chains on the woman's legs.

Then, he leaped down from the pillar.

'Wow! This body is awesome. A Spirit Supreme Realm warrior is indeed quite amazing.' Zen could feel that the woman body was filled with power.

His own strength was not weaker than a Life and Death Realm warrior. But if he didn't use the power of the dragon scales, he would be weaker than a Soul Sea Realm master.

The moment he stepped on the floor, he immediately felt that his chest was sinking. At the same time, a strange expression appeared on his face. The structures of a woman's and a man's bodies are quite different, and being in the former one felt quite strange.

However, right now, Zen could not care any less about that. He quickly steadied himself, his feet lightly stepped on the floor and his entire body shot out like an arrow, closely following behind Turner and the rest.

"We're safe now, guys. That woman's legs are still bound by the chains!"

"Hmm, there's no need to run then."

"It was really dangerous just now though. Where did this woman come from? I thought Spirit Supreme Realm warriors would be driven away from this great world. Why is she here after all this time?"

Just as the warriors of the four divine kingdoms relaxed, a Soul Sea Realm master looked back and saw the woman diving down at an extremely fast speed. His face darkened and he shouted out, "Run! She's still after us!"

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