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   Chapter 1194 Turn Of Events

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Hearing what the girl said, Zen couldn't help but roll his eyes. Perhaps, he had met a mad woman.

The good thing was that she did not immediately kill him, otherwise, with her strength she might be able to destroy his soul within seconds…

The problem was that if he really was confined in here, the situation could get quite troublesome.

As he was lost in thought, a spiritual wave suddenly came over him.

"Zen, you seem to have run into some trouble." This wave had come from the cyan dragon.

The cyan dragon and the mysterious furnace were inside the head of his physical body, but Zen had already confirmed before that he was still able to communicate with the cyan dragon while his soul and body were separated. As for how the cyan dragon managed to know what Zen was up to, the latter had no idea.

"Yes, there is a little problem. I seem to have met a crazy woman," Zen muttered.

"Crazy woman?" the cyan dragon asked in a strange voice.

"Hmm…" Zen narrated to him everything that had happened in the cemetery.

When Zen mentioned that the woman's pupils were golden, the cyan dragon interrupted him, "Are you telling me that this woman has a pair of golden eyes and was sealed within the crystal coffin?"

"Yes," Zen answered.

"Haha, so that explains it." The cyan dragon's laughter rang through Zen's ears.

"What's so funny? You're a powerful figure in Genuine Dragon race. Don't you have some way of helping me out?" Zen asked, irritated.

At this moment, the woman stared at Zen's soul and asked, "Who are you speaking to?"

This world within the woman's body had been created by herself. Even though Zen had communicated with the cyan dragon through his own perception, she still noticed that he was talking to someone.

Zen pursed his lips and ignored her. The voice of the cyan dragon came through once again. "Zen, ask her if her name is Brianna Feng."

"You know her?" Zen asked him.

"Maybe," the cyan dragon replied. From his tone, it seemed that he was immersed in past memories.

Zen nodded. With a smile on his face, he spoke to the woman. "Someone wants to know if you are Brianna Feng."

When Zen said the name, the woman's body trembled. The earth and heavens of this world were shaking violently…


With a crash of thunder, the entire island vibrated. The life vitality sea roared. Huge waves with the size of small mountains swept toward the island.

On the island, the aboriginal humans were in a state of panic. They were fleeing and murmuring something in a language that Zen did not understand. It had probably been created by this woman hers

ntered the Five Aging Processes. Zen assumed that she had used some sort of technique to delay that.

The technique, apparently, was the Soul Sealing Spell. But she wasn't the one who had imposed it on herself, it had been someone else!

To a certain extent, the Soul Sealing Spell was able to delay the Five Aging Processes. In the Upper World, there were truly some powerful ones who could use this technique to extend their lifespans.

However, the drawbacks of the method were obvious. Before anyone removed the Soul Sealing Spell, they would lose completely control of their body. Then their soul would be confined within their body. Except for creating their own worlds to kill time, there was nothing else that they could do then…

Ordinary cultivators at the Spirit Supreme Realm could create a world in their cinnabar field using just a wisp of their souls. They did not need the entirety of their souls to enter the world.

Brianna Feng had been deliberately put into a helpless situation. Her soul had been sealed into her cinnabar field by someone else.

"I do not have control on my body, but if your soul has fused with the Soul Core, then I can help you control it!" Brianna Feng said, smiling widely.

Could it work that way? Zen was speechless, but his face revealed his joy.

Controlling her body had originally been Zen's goal from the beginning itself. It seemed that he would be able to achieve his goal. However, he did not anticipate that the process would be so strange...

He was fortunate that Brianna Feng and the cyan dragon were family. In the absence of this turn of events, he would have been in great trouble. Facing a soul of a master at the Spirit Supreme Realm, Zen would have had no way to survive.

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