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   Chapter 1193 God Of Creation

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A wave of silence washed over Zen when his soul entered the girl's mind. The Soul Core had no effects, and his soul didn't get ejected.

However, the Soul Sea Realm masters were worried about Zen.

Although the people of the four divine kingdoms had thoroughly checked all areas in the cemetery, this woman's identity was still unknown. Even if she could speak, no one could figure out from her voice if she was dead or alive.

Zen had smashed the crystal coffin as soon as he reached it, but it would be too risky to take over this woman's body.

But this woman had been locked up for an immeasurable amount of time. Even if she was a Spirit Supreme Realm master, her lifespan should've been long exhausted. She still wouldn't escape death, even after having experienced the Five Aging Processes!

It was impossible for the masters in the universe to escape their lifespans' limitation. It was just that their lifespans had varying lengths.

Therefore, taking such a risk was definitely worth it. At that time, War King Wind, Turner and War Emperor York wanted to give it a try. However, Zen managed to occupy the corpse before the others could take a chance.

When they saw Zen enter the physical body, all movements suddenly stopped. Everyone became worried and wanted to see what happened.

At that moment, several Soul Sea Realm masters, who controlled the corpses they had just occupied, approached the young girl's corpse.

The Soul Sea Realm master who was the nearest to the young girl's body stood only a few feet away. When he looked closer, the girl's eyes suddenly opened!

The Soul Sea Realm masters were quick to react, since they occupied corpses of some powerful Soul Sea Realm masters. Although the bodies were all dead, the masters had activated most of the corpses' strengths using the Soul Cores.

However, the nearest Soul Sea Realm master still couldn't escape!

The young girl's eyes were sharp, and had golden pupils. A golden light enveloped the Soul Sea Realm master in front of her, who suddenly howled out in pain.

Soon enough, cracks began to form on the corpse's skin, which was inhabited by the Soul Sea Realm master. The cracks continued to spread like the dry ground during an earthquake.

The corpses had been in storage for at least ten thousand years. The blood in their bodies had dried up long ago, so no red liquid flowed out when the corpse collapsed. However, the Soul Sea Realm master's soul was forced out of the disintegrated corpse.

The soul continued to howl and couldn't escape from the clutches of the young girl's gaze. The Fighting Soul should've been unbelievably strong, but it quickly dissolved like ice in the hot summer heat under the golden light.

In just a blink of an eye, it completely vanished.

"So ruthless... This young girl is definitely alive!"

"Everyone, move back. D

ntly strike the continent. Only then would some low-level creatures begin to appear in the life vitality sea.

After that, life would slowly evolve. It usually took hundreds, or thousands, or even tens of thousands of years to make the world fully alive and vigorous.

"It took me one hundred and twenty thousand years to nurture this island as well as the various creatures in it," the young girl sighed softly.

"After one hundred and twenty thousand years, it's only this little..." Zen was stunned. This speed was much slower than he had expected.

The young girl smiled and shook her head. "You don't understand. The inner world's nurturing speed is extremely fast. The birth of the first and most insignificant creature might take one hundred thousand years, but it would only take a few thousand years for this civilization to grow and prosper!"

"So that's the case," Zen said, blinking his eyes. He didn't feel too much malice from this woman, so he asked again carefully, "But why did you lock me up here?"

To Zen's surprise, the young girl smiled and said, "Creating the world on my own is too boring. Stay here and create the world with me. Isn't that very interesting?"

In turn, Zen was utterly speechless and surprised when he heard her.

He originally wanted to retort that it was not fun at all, but he didn't say that. After a moment of thought, he said, "My soul left my body, and my physical body is still outside. My soul can leave my body for a few days, but if it stays outside away from my physical body for too long, I'm afraid that I will be in trouble."

The young girl pouted and said, "It doesn't matter." She added, "My soul is also disconnected from my physical body all the time. Look, my physical body is still alive and well, so is my soul! I have a way to make your soul immortal! This method was inherited from the Soul Race. Do you want me to teach you?"

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