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   Chapter 1192 The World In The Body

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The red ripples firmly locked Zen within the girl's mind.

He heard her chuckle. "You want to run? Your soul isn't even at the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm yet. You actually think you can escape from me?" she said.

His heart sank at her words. It seemed she was so powerful that the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm was nothing in her eyes

That was the moment Zen knew that he was in big trouble.

He launched several attacks against the edges of the girl's mind but to no avail. His soul's power was limited and he did not dare exhaust it. He gave up in the meantime once he realized that he wasn't getting out of there that easily.

He stopped resisting and settled on quietly floating in the darkness. He waited for a while before spreading his consciousness. "It's useless to keep me here. Why don't you let me out?" he tried convincing her.

There was no response, and only silence pervaded the darkness. Zen could not control the girl's body, so his soul was unable to sense anything from the outside. He was, to put it simply, trapped inside this pitch-black prison that was her mind.

Zen continued to spread out his consciousness, trying to get her to talk.


Say something!

Your body was bound in that crystal coffin for so many years, and I was the one who helped you break free from it!

Your legs are still bound by the way. If you want to be truly free, you have to let me go so I can break the chains for you!"

However, no matter what he did, there was still no response.

Zen berated himself for ever entering the girl's mind. The thought of never getting out of here made him extremely depressed. He should've just knocked her off the stone pillar and thrown her somewhere. It also frustrated him that he could've easily taken over any corpse back on the thirteenth floor, but he chose to enter this young girl's strange and mysterious body. He was in this predicament because of his greedy decision.

The warriors back on the thirteenth floor were powerful, but they were only slightly stronger than the country leaders. They could never hope to compare to this girl at the Spirit Supreme Realm.

Everyone also wanted to take over her body, not just him, but he was the one t

it was only normal for her to go mad after being locked up for so long.

Zen realized that he had no choice but to resort to threats. "Let me out. My companions are waiting for me outside. If I don't go out, they might destroy your body."

Her face broke into a frown. "Your companions? You mean those little guys at the Soul Sea Realm?"

'Little guys at the Soul Sea Realm...'

Those 'little guys' were war emperors and war kings. To Zen, they were old monsters that had lived for tens of thousands of years, but to this girl, they were nothing.

His silence prompted the girl to continue speaking. "You think they can hurt me after you opened the crystal coffin with the Black Star? I'd like to see them try. If they even dare to…" She paused for a moment before letting out a borderline maniacal laugh. "There really is an idiot coming over!"

The girl momentarily closed her eyes. When she opened them again, a golden light flashed within her pupils. "It was a little guy at the Soul Sea Realm. I've already killed him," she drawled lazily.

"What?!" How could someone just kill a Soul Sea Realm warrior so quickly? How was that even possible?

"You're lying," he said in a grave tone.

The girl shot him a sharp look. "Lying? Why would I do that? I didn't want to kill him, but you threatened me. I needed to teach you a lesson. I've disintegrated both that guy's body and soul. Anyone who dares to steal Dragon Lineage Human's bodies is seeking death!"

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