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   Chapter 1191 A Living Corpse

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The Heavenly Stellar Secret Land was bound to be the core of the Dragon Lineage Human given that it was above the other three secret lands.

These Soul Sea Realm warriors had never succeeded in obtaining the Ancestral Dragon Egg. Zen knew he would have to find another way to do so.

He knew that he had to obtain the Spirit Supreme Realm girl's corpse.

The other Soul Sea Realm warriors, especially War Emperor York, had gotten excited when he revealed his Black Star.

It wasn't because they didn't want to obtain the young girl's corpse themselves.

It was because they couldn't. No matter how hard they tried, none of them had ever been able to break her crystal coffin and the chains that bound her.

Zen's revelation of his Black Star filled them with excitement. To enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land, it was better to choose stronger corpses and if Zen managed to break the crystal coffin, then they could also finally try to take over the young girl's corpse.

But right now, they let Zen do his thing. Nobody was willing to compete with him against this.

Surely, obtaining the Ancestral Dragon Egg would be a great achievement, but nobody was too stupid to stand in Zen's way and risk offending him for this.

Even War Emperor York, who originally had enmities with Zen, would not dare to compete and offend him now.

Zen took the pickaxe out from his space ring as he approached the girl in the pillar.

The four divine kingdoms' plunder of the Feather Holy Sea had gifted them with the knowledge and understanding of each corpse's identity, all except for one. The young girl in the pillar was deeply mysterious and none of them knew anything about her origins.

Zen couldn't help letting his wariness get to him. If the supposedly dead girl wasn't dead, then wouldn't they be in trouble if he let her out?

His soul gently floated beside the stone pillar. The clear, crystal coffin gave him an undisturbed view of the girl that stood inside.

She didn't wear a lot of clothes, and her skin was littered with nasty scars. Heavy, iron chains tightly bound both her hands and feet.

Why was she tied up like this? Who was she?

These questions lingered in his head as he sized her up. However, Zen knew he wouldn't really be able to find the answers by just standing there. He brandished the pickaxe in h

ink of a logical solution to his current dilemma.

"Who are you?" Zen asked through his consciousness.

"Me? Didn't you stare at me too many times already? Don't you know who I am?" the girl asked, with a slightly offended tone to her voice.

"You're not a dead person, so why are you sealed in this cemetery?" he asked.

"Who said I wasn't dead? I have indeed died but I never expected someone to come after so many years just to occupy my body. Perhaps you want to accompany me?" the soul replied indifferently.

"You're dead…" Zen repeated to himself in puzzlement.

So she was a corpse with her own soul and undamaged body. But how could she be dead if her heartbeat was even stronger than Zen's?

"I can't really explain it to you clearly. However, since you're here, you should stay with me. Don't even try to escape!" the voice said once again.

Zen quickly cupped his hands to show his sincerity. "Lady, I am so sorry that I unwittingly barged into your body. Please forgive me for offending you. Please be magnanimous…"

The girl, however, cut him off, "What did you say? You 'unwittingly' barged in? Do you take me for a fool? I wasn't born yesterday, you know. You clearly wanted to take over my body. Do you think I will let you go? No way!"

Zen frowned at her reply. Since she wasn't going to let him go, Zen willed his soul to speed away from her mind.

However, it was in vain. The girl's soul seemed to be much more powerful than his. She merely snorted before red ripples suddenly appeared around the edges of her dark mind.

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