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   Chapter 1190 Spirit Supreme Realm

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Everyone had gotten used to Zen's lanky figure. It was awkward for them to watch Zen as he took on the tall and sturdy body of the corpse.

Randy, Fiona, and Callan were some of the few people who looked at Zen and began to grin.

A faint smile appeared on Zen's face as he casually took a few steps forward. It hadn't taken him long to freely control this corpse.

But all wasn't smooth. He suddenly felt a wave of pressure on his body.

A red ripple spread out of nowhere in the empty mind of the corpse. The surroundings in his mind turned blood-red. The pressure wasn't from the outside world but emanated from the corpse itself.

Zen had gained control of the corpse through the Soul Core. But now, he found that he couldn't control it at all. It waddled towards the stone pillar as Zen struggled and failed to control it.

'Here comes the question!' Zen became cautious.

He had previously seen War King Wind and Scott go through this process. They had not been able to resist the orders of the young girl in the stone pillar and couldn't help but walk involuntarily towards the pillar.

But this wasn't what worried Zen. The probability that he might not be able to say the corpse's name when questioned posed a greater worry for him.

'Federico Feng…' Zen repeated the name in his heart.

He felt the corpse stagger all the way and fall to its knees with a thud in front of the stone pillar. At the same time, he felt the blood-red ripple in his mind grow stronger and stronger. He knew that it was this blood-red ripple that completely isolated Zen's soul from the corpse.

In this moment, Zen felt everything become distant from him.

Someone seemed to be talking to Zen, but he couldn't hear a single word. The sound seemed to be coming from the sky, soft and harsh.

His thoughts had become a mess.

"Answer me! Your name!" the young girl's voice came from the stone pillar.

"My name? My name…" Through all the mental chaos, Zen could not remember the name of this corpse.

'It's very strange! I can't remember what this corpse is called at all. I clearly remembered it a moment ago!' Zen thought dejectedly. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't recall anything about this corpse.

"Tell me your name, or I'll-" The young girl's voice was clear, and Zen could hear every word she said.

If he could not remember the name, he would be kicked out of this corpse's mind. Zen had seen how War King Wind and Scott had bounced back from the bodies they had planned to occupy because they had failed to remember the corpses' names. But the more he became anxious, the less likely it was that anything would come to his mind. It was as if the name had been completely

as they saw Zen's gaze. One of them said, "This girl… is a master at the Spirit Supreme Realm! She is even stronger than Master Derek. How could one take over her corpse? And it is unclear whether she is dead or not!"

Spirit Supreme Realm!

Zen's eyes gleamed.

In the Upper World, the Life and Death Realm was just the threshold, while the Soul Sea Realm was just a beginning level. The Spirit Supreme Realm warriors formed the real backbone of the Upper World.

Master Derek that the Soul Sea Realm master had mentioned referred to the white-browed Taoist who should also be at the Spirit Supreme Realm. And Immortal Mist should be at the Spirit Supreme Realm, too. But what about Yolande? Although Yolande's cultivation level was not high, she had a million duplicates. Her strength probably far surpassed the Spirit Supreme Realm.

And the more powerful beings were beyond Zen's knowledge. Even someone at the Spirit Supreme Realm would be enough to make Zen look up to him.

Thus, once he had heard what the Soul Sea Realm master had to say, Zen became even more interested in the girl in the stone pillar.

"Forget about whether the girl in the pillar is dead or not. First of all, there's no way to undo the chains, or to break the crystal coffin she is in. To control her body is completely impossible," Turner said.

But Zen merely smirked and returned to Federico's coffin. He stretched out his hand and took out a small space ring.

When the many powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm saw this, they realized what Zen wanted to do. Their eyes immediately lit up with surprise.

Fiona and Randy also came to understand Zen's intentions. Even Callan, who had always been slow in thinking, said, "That's right! You can open this crystal coffin with the Black Star pickaxe!"

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