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   Chapter 1189 Federico Feng

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People belonging to the four divine kingdoms knew everything about the corpses in those coffins. They had spent years investigating them thoroughly in order to control the corpses.

It wasn't an easy task, learning the corpses' names and retaining them. Given the names weren't hard to remember, fusing their souls with the corpses caused the corpses to instinctively reject them.

And being interrogated by the girl who was sealed in the stone pillar would cause the memories in their souls to become confused, making it hard for them to remember the names of the corpses.

War King Wind had once succeeded in saying the correct name. But he couldn't remember how he had managed to do it and his success had been the only one in all these years.

When the masters of the Soul Sea Realm opened the coffin, they saw a thin old man lying within it. This man was Henk Feng, the one they had spoken of.

War King Wind's soul entered the old man's corpse through his mouth.

Not long after, his soul merged with Henk's corpse and controlled it such that it slowly climbed out of the coffin.

But the corpse seemed to be rejecting War King Wind's soul rather strongly. As War King Wind controlled the corpse, trying to make it walk, it staggered like a drunken man and involuntarily moved towards the stone pillar.

The following moments were most crucial. Only by saying the right name of the corpse could he escape control of the girl in the pillar. Since Scott had already failed, they thought that the chances of War King Wind succeeding were slim.

As expected, the corpse's face twisted under the girl's interrogation, as if in pain. It shook severely, trying and failing to speak out the name, "Henk Feng."

He ended up facing the same fate as Scott. The soul was forcefully ejected out by the mysterious girl in the pillar.

War King Wind was dejected and it showed on his face. But he didn't go to the twelfth floor to choose a corpse, like Scott had done. Instead, he fell into deep thought, wanting to try once again.

But War Emperor York and Turner were in no hurry to give it a try. They walked around the coffins and tried to think of a good solution.

In the past, the people of the four divine kingdoms couldn't take even a single step into the Feather Emperor Secret Land, the Divine Emperor Secret Land and the Mysterious Dream Secret Land, let alone the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. After years of scouting, they gradually found ways of entering the first three secret lands. If they could find a way to easily obtain the corpses of the ancient warriors at the top

because of this, even if some powerful warriors passed away in the wilderness, no wild beasts would dare approach their corpses.

The powerful repelling force within the corpse was driving Zen's soul out of it. If it had been an ordinary Fighting Soul, it might have been instantly driven out of the corpse's brain.

That was why most Soul Sea Realm warriors of the four divine kingdoms had chosen the corpses of the eleventh and twelfth floors. They knew that it was too difficult for their souls to obtain the corpses of the thirteen floor.

Zen's soul was much stronger than that of a normal Soul Sea Realm warrior and even the four emperors, not to mention that he had fused with the will of the great world. His soul ignored the repulsive force and directly occupied the brain.

However, even though his soul had merged with the brain, he was still unable to control the corpse. He had to wait for the Soul Core's power to spread and fuse with the corpse.

Streams of grey light surged through the man's body. After a few seconds, Zen gradually regained some of his senses, finally feeling his limbs again. He soon felt that he could control this corpse as his own.

"Get up!"

Zen tried to rise from the coffin. But it was a little harder than he thought. As he made to stand up, he tottered unsteadily on his feet and fell back into the coffin.

Although Zen's movements looked funny, no one laughed at him. With his current age and cultivation base, it was his pride and joy to be able to obtain this corpse.

Few moments later, Zen jumped up smoothly to his feet. His burly body was like a steel tower as he firmly stood on the ground. His eyes were the size of saucers as he opened them and looked around.

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