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   Chapter 1188 Hard To Say The Name

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It was clear that Scott was far more powerful than Fiona. As Fiona tried to control her corpse, her movements seemed stiff, like that of a wooden doll—she could barely even walk properly.

As soon as Scott entered the corpse, he appeared quite naturally, as if the body was his own. After he climbed out, he hopped up and firmly stood on the ground.

Still, his experience was something to be considered. Having entered the Divine Emperor Secret Land countless times already, Scott was naturally much more skilled than Fiona in controlling corpses.

When he climbed out, he put a palm to his forehead, revealing an expression of pain.

At this time, the one in pain was certainly not Alessandro, for he had been dead for many years already—it was Scott who was in great pain, this time.

Simultaneously, in the middle of the platform on the top floor, a stone pillar suddenly began to rise.

Crunch, crunch, crunch…

The pillar was at least twenty feet wide. While it had always been in the center of the platform, having itself suddenly appear came as a shock to Zen.

The other Soul Sea Realm masters, however, seemed to be used to it.

As the pillar slowly rose up, Zen's eyebrows furrowed in more confusion.

Four table-sized rivets were in the middle of the pillar. Similarly, four pitch-black chains were hanging on the end of the rivets, extending toward a coffin in the middle, keeping it locked tight.

This coffin was rather unique. With its azure color, it was a transparent, crystal coffin!

Since it was embedded in the stone pillar, tightly locked by chains, the person inside couldn't lie down properly. At that moment, she was standing inside the coffin.

Inside it was a young girl, dressed in thin, white, unlined clothes. Her bare legs were firmly locked in place by the black chains extending to the crystal coffin.

"What a beautiful young lady! Who is she?" the crown prince of the Wind Divine Kingdom muttered as he gazed upon the girl inside.

Indeed, while he was used to seeing beautiful women every day, he still couldn't help but marvel at the girl's beauty.

Looking at her for a short while, Zen couldn't figure out what was going on in front of them.

While everyone had their eyes fixed on her, her eyes suddenly opened. Her golden orbs then fixed down on every

ly then did Zen truly understand.

In fact, the Dragon Lineage Humans didn't expect the four divine kingdoms to use the Soul Cores to manipulate their corpses—they still kept the corpses of the top masters to deal with some of their other affairs. But as the corpses were preserved in such a way, it was extremely likely that they would become zombies.

To avoid this situation, the Dragon Lineage Human set up a method to deal with this in the cemetery. If the corpse really became a 'zombie, ' then the young girl would test the corpse's mind. If that body didn't pass the test, then the soul would be ejected straight out of the corpse.

However, they had never expected that the souls that were removed belonged to human beings.

"Don't be discouraged. Scott, can you try again?" War King Wind tried to comfort him.

Shaking his head, Scott responded, "Well, I'll go to the twelfth floor and choose a corpse. Wind, Turner, Lucien, you can have a try!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the Soul Purifying Light on the stairs faded away before Scott shot toward the twelfth floor.

With that, War King Wind and Turner looked at each other. "Okay, let me do it this time!" War King Wind exclaimed.

With that, he circled the platform. Instead of choosing Alessandro's corpse, he stopped on top of a black coffin.

When War King Wind's soul stopped, a Soul Sea Realm master behind him said, "This is the leader of the Dragon Lineage Human from seventy thousand years ago. His name is Henk Feng—it's easier to remember his name."

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