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   Chapter 1187 Alessandro Feng

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There was no longer any need to avoid the Soul Purifying Light at the time Zen and the other four rulers stepped onto the thirteenth floor given that it was the top floor.

The top floor was an open, circular platform wherein one could enjoy the view of the entire Divine Emperor Secret Land - except, there wasn't really any view to enjoy. The entire scenery consisted of corpses and graveyards and nobody really appreciated looking at dead bodies.

On the platform were coffins arranged in an orderly manner.

The corpses placed within the structure, from the first to the thirteenth floor, were no doubt core members of the Dragon Lineage Human. Each coffin that they had passed by on every floor was exquisitely well-crafted.

However, they couldn't compare to the coffins that were on the top floor.

Mysterious divine textures had been carved onto the surface of the rich, elaborately crafted coffins.

Most of the runes glowed brightly indicating their activation.

Zen was immediately filled with curiosity upon the sight. These divine textures needed a continuous supply of life vitality in order to keep running. Could it be that there was a massive life vitality crystal buried underneath this cemetery? It was the only explanation he could think of as he looked at these still-active runes.

"How could this be? Just how many life vitality crystals could be enough to keep them active?" he couldn't help but voice out his thoughts. Zen figured that not even one massive life vitality crystal would be enough to keep these divine textures running for thousands of years given that the Dragon Lineage Human had been destroyed in the blood sacrifice more than ten thousand years ago.

Turner smiled at Zen's puzzled expression. "These divine textures don't get energy through life vitality crystals! Just look at the ground and you'll understand."

Zen followed Turner's instructions and looked down. Indeed, there was a huge divine texture that was also carved onto the ground.

Zen could recognize the divine texture and immediately understood.

This was a seven-star divine texture - Spiritual Energy Gather. It was an extremely important divine texture, as emphasized by the cyan dragon when he taught Zen the divine texture techniques.

This Spiritual Energy Gather that the divine textures on the coffins relied on to keep running could continuously gather the vitality between heaven and earth and transform it into life vitality.

"However, these coffins are all engraved with divine textures. It would be a little difficult to occupy the bodies in the coffins, right?" Zen asked.

"Yes. The owners of these corpses were all at the top-level of Soul Sea Realm. They were probably stronger than us when they were

as they ran away, several other powerful Soul Sea Realm masters approached the coffin and started attacking the six-star divine texture.

The divine texture quickly shattered under their combined efforts which made the seven to eight small, life vitality dragons slowly dissipate as well.

During this entire debacle, Scott merely stood to the side and continuously repeated Alessandro Feng's name over and over again. He didn't even pay any attention when the dragons suddenly showed up and tried to chase the others.

'It looks like that name is really important, ' Zen couldn't help but surmise.

Once the defensive rune was broken, the Soul Sea Realm masters quickly put their borrowed bodies to work and slowly opened the coffin.

Inside lay a silver-haired, middle-aged man - Alessandro Feng himself. Even with his eyes closed as a corpse, a powerful, domineering aura still emanated from him, indicating his superiority as a being.

The four rulers also had this aura, but not as sharp as Alessandro Feng's.

He was, undoubtedly, a top master at the Soul Sea Realm when he was still alive. Perhaps he was even the strongest martial artist of the great world during his time.

Scott immediately grew wary as he was hit by the corpse's aura but he didn't dwell too much on it. He turned around and gave a nod to the other three rulers before suddenly jumping into the coffin.

The moment he entered Alessandro Feng's body, Scott immediately stretched out his hand and pressed the spot between the corpse's eyebrows. The corpse opened its mouth as if on reflex and Scott's soul quickly entered through it.

The Soul Core's power spread throughout the corpse's body very quickly. It went through its arms, legs, and viscera. Shortly after, the tall and sturdy body of Alessandro Feng crawled out from the coffin.

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