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   Chapter 1186 Occupation

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It wasn't that difficult to climb the stairs in the cemetery. As long as they seized the opportunity to make a move, they would meet no danger.

Over the years, other than the first time that a Soul Sea Realm martial artist had died without knowing the situation in the tomb, no one else from the four divine kingdoms had ever died in it.

Zen and Fiona carefully returned to the fourth floor after the Soul Purifying Light had extinguished twice.

As soon as the two of them were in front of him, War King Wind expressed his gratitude to Zen. Then he and his men began to climb the stairs in the cemetery again.

Most of the Soul Sea Realm martial artists managed to safely make it to the fifth, sixth, and seventh floors with more ease. But as they climbed higher, the time between each Soul Purifying Light became shorter and shorter.

For them, the pressure wasn't too great. However, to Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists like Fiona and Bram, the pressure was immensely greater.

"Bram, Randy, climbing up is too difficult for you. Even if you make it there, you probably won't be able to occupy the bodies of those powerful martial artists. This floor should be your limit, so try to dwell on the corpses here," Turner said with his soul power.

Although these martial artists had been dead for countless years, it was never an easy task to inhabit their corpses. The Soul Core could minimize the repulsion of the corpses, but the stronger the corpses were, the stronger the repulsive force would be.

Bram, Randy, Fiona, and the other martial artists of the younger generation all nodded in agreement. Although they all had entered the Divine Emperor Secret Land with the help of the elder generation, it was a trial for them. But they were not required to obtain anything from this journey.

"Let me help you open this coffin." War King Wind walked swiftly to the side of the platform. When he entered the hut, he purposely stood next to a coffin near him.

Briefly, he closed his eyes and said a few words to himself before communicating through his consciousness, "These corpses have been here for countless years. You have to respect them."

As he muttered these words, he stretched out his hands. Then like a wind, his hands changed their shapes and flowed smoothly along the grooves on the side of the coffin. When he felt that a part of his soul invaded the edge of the coffin, his soul fluctuated slightly, signifying that the soul power of the Fighting Soul Realm had burst out, thus lifting the coffin before everyone's eyes.

Inside the coffin was a woman at the Life and Death Realm.

Historically, it was unknown just what method the Dragon Lineage Human used to preserve the corpses. Even after so many years, it still hadn't shown any signs of decay. The

d said, "Thad's soul is already close to the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm. It is much stronger than our souls. Surely, you have the qualifications to go up."

So Zen followed the group of Soul Sea Realm martial artists as they continued to climb up while avoiding the Soul Purifying Light.

Fiona, Randy, and the others had their souls penetrated deep into their minds. Since they were all encased in bodies, the Soul Purifying Light wouldn't cause any damage to them. Hence, they didn't need to dodge the light at all but walked up the steps at ease.

They all continued climbing up. On the eighth, ninth and tenth floors, the number of coffins became fewer and fewer while the corpses within the coffins became more and more powerful.

Starting from the tenth floor, the corpses in the coffins had already reached the Soul Sea Realm.

"I will choose this floor." A Soul Sea Realm martial artist stopped and occupied one of the corpses on the tenth floor with no qualms. His soul seemed to have just entered the Fighting Soul Realm. If not for Zen excavating so many Soul Cores, he wouldn't have been able to enter the tomb this year.

Besides, he wasn't confident in his soul's strength. Even if he went up there, he might die. So he decided to occupy a corpse on this floor.

Still, on the tenth floor, powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm started to choose their own corpses one after another.

On the eleventh

and the twelfth floors, there were already sixty to seventy Soul Sea Realm martial artists who had already occupied a corpse.

When they reached the thirteenth floor, most of them had already controlled a corpse, so they all came up the stairs with their bodies. Only Zen, Turner, War King Wind, War Emperor York, and Scott had not chosen a corpse yet.

The five of them set their gazes on the thirteenth floor, surveying the area.

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