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   Chapter 1185 Danger

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Zen himself was uncertain of what corpse he would be able to take over or its strength, but in the end, the higher the floor was, the stronger the corpse would be.

The Soul Purifying Light on the stairs lasted for about thirty seconds before it began to dissipate.

War King Wind wasted no time. As soon as the light died, he used his consciousness to give orders to all the warriors.


At his words, all the warriors standing on the platforms on both sides of the stairs charged forward.

There would be a thirty-second interval before the Soul Purifying Light lit up again. Taking advantage of this gap, everyone climbed up the next floor.

The warriors hastily went up the flight of steps. With a tell-tale light, the Soul Purifying Light lit up once again. At once, War King Wind commanded, "Retreat! Go to the platforms!"

Huts lined the platforms on the third floor to a big number. In strength, however, the corpses inside the coffins in these huts were only at the late stage of the Internal Elixir Realm when they were alive.

The strength of the Dragon Lineage Human was far greater than that of the warriors in all the four divine kingdoms. Even the four divine kingdoms had countless Internal Elixir Realm warriors, so it was only natural that the Internal Elixir Realm warriors from the Dragon Lineage Human would be great in number. However, as Zen looked around the third floor, there were only around 600 to 700 huts.

The warriors buried here were undoubtedly among the most important members of the Dragon Lineage Human. They had perished at a young age, and this cemetery served as the resting place for their corpses.

Zen did not give the coffins a second glance. These corpses were far too weak, and they would be of no use to him.

Meanwhile, the whole cemetery held its breath as the warriors stood in silence, awaiting War King Wind's next orders. The Soul Purifying Light was a fatal threat to souls, and the actions of over a hundred people had to be in perfect coordination. The slightest hesitation or the split second of untimely movement would cost them their souls, turning them into soulless cadavers.

"Warriors, keep your guards up! The Soul Purifying Light is spreading from top to bottom. The higher up we go, the shorter the time we have!" War King Wind stared at the Soul Purifying Light, watching it dim once again. The moment it disappeared, he gave orders once again. "Go!" he commanded.

Without hesitating, pausing, or delaying, the warriors once again ascended the stairs in perfect unison.


War King Wind ordered. Everyone

of him, using his own soul as a cushion.

Zen's soul was tenacious, but Fiona's was different. One's soul had the fragility of a newborn baby before entering the Fighting Soul Realm. Fiona's soul had undergone training, but it was still delicate.

Fiona, sitting on top of Zen absently, was still unable to break off from her daze. She had hesitated earlier, and it had almost cost her soul. In retrospect, even if she had been unable to advance with the others, she could have hidden on a platform on the third floor and waited until the wave of Soul Purifying Light dissipated. Once it had disappeared, she could charge forward once again. However, she had been overcome at the face of her looming death and was petrified.

A long sigh of relief resounded as the Soul Sea Realm masters watched the pair out of harm's way.

War King Wind was filled with gratitude. After entering the Soul Sea Realm, he did not have much to worry about, and his attention was mostly on his daughter. Even if he succeeded in exploring the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land, it would be an empty victory if he lost Fiona.

The other Soul Sea Realm masters were also relieved, though it had been more for Zen than Fiona. He was their only hope to go to the Upper World. If he died here, all their efforts would have been for nothing. To them, Fiona's life would be a small price to pay if it meant Zen's safety.

The staircase continued to flash with the Soul Purifying Light. Fiona stood up from Zen's body and communicated with him with her consciousness. "Thank you," she said.

Zen smiled and answered, "It's fine. Let's keep going!"

War King Wind no longer led the group up the stairs. Instead, he waited for Zen and Fiona on the fourth floor.

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