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   Chapter 1184 Soul Purifying Light

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Now that everyone's soul had been made bare, their strength was heavily reduced, with Zen being the obvious exception to this problem.

The reason behind this was that his soul was already several times stronger than his peers'. Although it hadn't stepped into the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm yet, once a soul had merged with the world's will, even a Soul Sea Realm master's soul couldn't compete with it.

The lamp hanging in front of the cemetery was what the cultivators called a cemetery-guarding lamp.

It was supposed to injure all of the ghosts, but at the moment, it might be dangerous to them too, since they were in a soul state, which wasn't exactly human. This was exactly why the Soul Sea Realm master had stopped Fiona and the other young warriors. He was afraid that they would be eliminated by the cemetery-guarding lamp too.

Zen stood still without the slightest signs of movement. He was trying to communicate with the cyan dragon in his mind. The Ancestral Dragon's egg had been in the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land for generations after generations. These kings and warriors had tried all they could to fetch it for so many years, but all their efforts had been in vain. If Zen wanted to get his hands on it, he definitely needed help from the cyan dragon.

The Dragon Lineage Human and the cyan dragon belonged to the Genuine Dragon. Since they shared a common ancestor, Zen was sure the cyan dragon could help.

He soon received a response from the cyan dragon. It seemed like there wouldn't be much of a problem. This put Zen's mind at ease.

"You guys wait a moment. Once this lamp is extinguished, you can go in. Not before that," the Soul Sea Realm master told Zen and his companions. There was a hint of warning in his voice.

Very soon, Zen saw a black shadow rushing into the cemetery at an incredible speed.

At the very instant the black shadow touched the periphery of the cemetery, the lamp suddenly exploded into a dazzling light and viciously shot towards the shadow.

'This light is also a type of soul attack!' Zen remarked inwardly as his eyebrows suddenly twitched. There were quite a few miraculous things that the Dragon Lineage Humans had conjured up.

However, that black shadow was the soul of a Soul Sea Realm master. When the light from the lamp shot towards the soul, a part of the soul suddenly changed shape and turned into a shield. He had a way to defend himself!

'The man actually turned his soul into a shield. Interesting!' A smile appeared on Zen's face when he saw this scene.

The warrior who was trying to enter the cemetery was at the Soul Sea Realm, but his soul was only at the Fighting Soul Realm. Therefore, he couldn't just withstand the lamp's attacks directly. It was necessary for him to block it.

However, considering the current level of Zen's soul, he should be able to directly walk through without suffering too much damage from the lamp.

Soon after they witnessed the soul of the Soul Sea Realm master enter the cemetery, the lamp suddenly flickered and then slowly dimmed down.

At that moment, the Soul Sea Realm masters entered the cemetery one after another as the time was ripe. Zen and the other young warriors followed after.

What greeted their eyes was astounding. The massive cemetery th

fter that, a beam of light suddenly emerged from the top of the stairs and began to spread downwards at an extremely fast pace.

"Hold on! Get on the platforms!" War King Wind ordered, and in an instant, everyone charged towards the platforms on either side. No one was caught in the hasty movement and they all climbed up safely.

War King Wind stood on a platform towards the left side of the stairs, and his gaze was locked onto Fiona and Callan. Among all his children, he was most concerned about them. Naturally, he feared that they wouldn't be able to get on the platforms in time and be killed by the Soul Purifying Light.

By the time the wave of Soul Purifying Light had spread out all the way down, everyone had already jumped onto the platforms on either side, and no one got into trouble.

They had only managed to climb up to the second floor, and the platforms came one after the other. Zen took a look at a coffin that lay in one of the two huts on the platform that he was standing on.

'Is the corpse in this coffin intact?' He wondered and decided to use his perception to explore the insides of the coffin. Unfortunately, his perception was blocked by the coffin the moment it was released.

The coffin seemed to be immune to his power, the same as the spirit shrine. It looked like the same material was used to construct both of those things, and it was able to completely isolate all perceptions from the outside world.

Seeing that scene, Randy smiled and told him, "The corpses on the second floor are too weak. They are around the level of an Internal Elixir Realm warrior. They have no value at all. We need to choose the corpses on the upper floors."

Zen smiled and nodded. He was well aware of the importance of using powerful corpses if they needed to enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. A corpse that was too weak would be difficult to walk even a single inch in that place. Therefore, whether they would risk it or not, choosing powerful corpses was a necessity, if not a compulsion.

Zen's gaze shifted towards the top. He had no idea just how strong the corpses on the top floor were. Were they corpses of mighty warriors at the Soul Sea Realm?

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