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   Chapter 1183 The Spirit Shrine

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The entire Divine Emperor Island was composed of a massive, black cemetery.

On the shore of the island, the other powerful Soul Sea Realm masters had already been waiting for quite a long time. Strange looks of curiosity were revealed when they saw that the four divine kingdoms' rulers came along with Fiona, Bram, and the other young warriors.

"Your majesty, why did you bring them to the Divine Emperor Secret Land?" a Soul Sea Realm master of the Harlen Divine Kingdom couldn't help but ask.

Since the group of masters waited in the same spot and hadn't traveled to the Feather Emperor Island, they had no knowledge of Zen having obtained the Black Star and many Soul Cores.

Since they didn't have enough Soul Cores every year, these masters would vie with one another to enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. Because of that, many of them argued indefinitely over the qualifications of obtaining the Soul Cores.

Because of the lack of the Soul Cores, the masters went as far as to suggest an actual fight.

While they considered it for a time, they found that it would be too unrealistic—the impact of the fight among the Soul Sea Realm masters would be extremely grand. If they were to hold real fights, the entire Divine Emperor Island wouldn't survive a couple rounds.

And since that problem hadn't yet been solved, why did the kingdom rulers bring the princes with them? How come Thad came with them as well? Could it be that the divine kingdom rulers planned on assigning a portion of Soul Cores to these juniors this year?

Eventually, Turner managed a faint smile and said, "Mario, bring out all the spare spirit shrines!"

Upon that, one of the masters, Mario Zhou, furrowed his brows in shock. "Your majesty, how many Soul Cores did you obtain this time? Must we use the spare spirit shrines?"

The spirit shrine was used to stimulate the Soul Core, made by the blacksmith from the Harlen Divine Kingdom. Before departing this year, he counted twenty-nine Soul Cores, meaning there was a need for the same number of spirit shrines.

Normally, if they obtained a single Soul Core after eliminating all the mineral-devouring bugs on the Feather Emperor Island, they would be considered lucky. Obtaining two Soul Cores would be completely unprecedented—such an occurrence hadn't happened in decades.

Could it be that all the divine kingdom rulers were merely extremely lucky this time to have gotten over three Soul Cores?

Since the spirit shrines weren't anything precious, Mario Zhou had prepared two hundred of them. But no matter how many shrines there were, they would be useless if there weren't any Soul Cores available.

With a bland smile, Turner said, "Pull out all the s

Soon after, three black shadows appeared beside the shrines. From the silhouette of the shadows, others could recognize the three warriors' souls—for instance, while Fiona's soul seemed delicate, Callan's soul seemed to stand tall and strong.

Witnessing the scene, Zen proceeded to throw the Soul Core in his hand straight into the shrine. A moment later, he could feel a strong, magnetic force emanating from the shrine.

It was aimed specifically at Zen's soul. Instead of resisting, he allowed himself to get sucked into it.

In an instant, Zen felt his soul fuse with the Soul Core before it appeared on the other side of the shrine—it was then free to leave his body and roam about.

After his soul left his body, Fiona, Callan, Randy, and all the others present looked over.

The souls of Randy, Bram, and Fiona, looked a grey-green color—these were signs of instability. The souls of the Soul Sea Realm masters were pitch black, while the souls at the Fighting Soul realm were utterly stable.

But Zen's soul was blooming with green luster. The faint light emitted by his soul was the will of the great world!

"Zen, your soul…" Through her consciousness, Fiona tried to reach him.

Zen's soul had been hidden within his mind in the past—without entering his mind, no one would see it. But now, it was impossible for him to hide it.

With a faint smile, he called to them, "Come on. Let's go!"

At this moment, many souls that had fused with the Soul Cores advanced deeper into the Divine Emperor Secret Land, which served as a perfectly renovated cemetery.

After the soul bodies flew for some time, they stopped right at the entrance where a lamp hung near the gate.

"Everyone, wait a moment," one of the Soul Sea Realm masters used his consciousness to envelop Zen and the rest.

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