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   Chapter 1182 Divine Emperor Secret Land

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Life vitality crystals, from what Zen had learned from Lavender, were also in circulation and used as one of the main currencies in the Upper World.

Since these mighty Soul Sea Realm warriors were very much willing to give him tons of supreme life vitality crystals in exchange for the ores, then of course Zen wouldn't refuse them.

Just as he finished speaking, a Soul Sea Realm warrior approached Zen, "I practice the Water Law and I just happen to need this Water Crystal. I'll give you thirty thousand supreme life vitality crystals for it, how about that?"

Thirty thousand supreme life vitality crystals were not a paltry sum so Zen naturally accepted. The first deal was quickly done.

He had a surplus of precious ores in his space ring, each one worth thirty to fifty thousand supreme life vitality life crystals. Some could even fetch a price as high as a hundred thousand!

These Soul Sea Realm warriors were loaded and could definitely afford Zen's wares. To put into perspective, a divine kingdom's treasury usually had around two to three hundred thousand supreme life vitality crystals.

If Zen sold all his ores, he'd have an estimated profit of three million supreme life vitality crystals!

He'd be richer than the entire divine kingdoms!

Once he sold off his ores, Zen took out the Soul Cores and handed them over to Turner.

These Soul Cores served as the key to entering the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. It was useless for him to keep them as he didn't know how to use them. It was enough for him to know that they would surely bring him into the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land.

Still, he was very much curious about how these Soul Cores were used to enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land.

The entire point of heading to the Feather Emperor Island for the Soul Sea Realm masters was to hunt for the mineral-devouring bugs in the hopes of obtaining at least one or two Soul Cores. They got lucky and were able to haul over a hundred which meant that they could send enough people to the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land and explore.

"Alright! Since the Soul Cores have been distributed, it's time to set off for the Divine Emperor Secret Land! Thad, let me bring you along!" War King Wind boisterously laughed as he pulled Zen to his side.

Many of the Soul Sea Realm masters cursed War King Wind in their hearts, 'This old, cunning fox. Everyone knows that he's planning to draw Zen to his side in order to gain the upper hand. He's probably going to swallow his pride and even offer his precious daughter up in the process..."

However, it wasn't as if War King Wind hadn't stood up in Zen's defense before, so it was expected that Zen would be partial to him.

In truth, after reaching the Life and Death Realm, Zen could now resist the blood sacrifice within the Feather Holy Sea. He had no need for anyone's assistance and could simply rely on his own st

imes and Fiona was no different. Ever since Zen defeated her by the West Dragon River, the seed of love had already rooted itself deep in her heart. However, she was still too young, not even 20, and she was too shy to express the emotions she felt for him. Meanwhile, her father shamelessly tried to match make her to the object of her affections which was greatly embarrassing on her part.

Fortunately, the awkward moment was immediately dissipated by the black island that had appeared in front of them.

Despite being quite far from the island, everyone could already feel the malicious aura that emanated from it. This was one of the four secret lands of the Feather Holy Sea - the Divine Emperor Secret Land.

Rather than just an island, this Divine Emperor Secret Land was so much more. It was a place of death - a graveyard of the Dragon Lineage Human.

Millions of corpses littered this island graveyard.

After the Dragon Lineage Human's blood sacrifice, all creatures turned into a cloud of bloody mist that became a powerful curse spread throughout the entire Feather Holy Sea.

The corpses were not living beings so they were not affected by the blood sacrifice.

Truth be told, if it wasn't for the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land, there would be nothing worth of interest in this Divine Emperor Secret Land. Sure, there might be a few valuable burial items but it wasn't anything a Soul Sea Realm master would be excited about.

The power of the blood sacrifice in the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land was so strong that not even Soul Sea Realm masters could resist it. The only way to enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land was through the corpses of the Dragon Lineage Human which they could control with the use of the Soul Cores.

This was precisely the reason why they had to go to the Divine Emperor Secret Land.

Just as they landed, they found another batch of Soul Sea Realm masters already waiting.

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