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   Chapter 1181 Fix A Price

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A thick cloud of silence seemed to envelope the whole world...

Many of the Soul Sea Realm masters were quiet as well.

Suddenly, the silence was disrupted by a click of a tongue. "So, does it mean all of the mountains within the four divine kingdoms have been destroyed?" Turner asked.

"It's not just the mountains of the four divine kingdoms. The mountains in the Central Region and in other areas were destroyed as well. Almost all of this great world's mountains have been destroyed," Zen honestly responded.

In reality, many of the Soul Sea Realm masters had already had a tough estimate when Zen said he had transferred the power to the mountains.

If a Soul Sea Realm master like War Emperor York took action to attack Zen, Zen would transfer the power of that attack, and that power would be enough to destroy a whole mountain range.

The aura the black eye emitted was quite terrifying, and the power within the black light was extremely and unimaginably strong. If Zen transferred all of the power into the mountains, how many mountains would he need?

The Divine Kingdom Continent had many peaks and mountain ranges of various sizes. There wasn't any accurate record of the number of peaks and mountain ranges, but a rough estimate showed that there were at least several hundred thousand mountains out there.

But with even that many mountains, would it be enough to counter the power within the black light?

How many mountains would be needed to offset its power? A thousand mountains? Ten thousand mountains? Or a hundred thousand mountains?

In reality, about five million mountains were needed to offset the power.

All the mountains in the whole world had been destroyed, with the exception of some mountains in the Eastern Region.

The Soul Sea Realm masters went silent, but they were shocked the next second. They realized how great its impact would be on the entire great world.

And, what was the limit of Zen's power transferring ability?

He was actually able to freely transfer the power to the entire great world. Could it be possible that he could represent the whole of it as well?

Someone had finally come up with an answer, but of course, they still weren't able to guess that Zen had fused with the world's will. Thus, it could be said that Zen himself was the whole great world!

"What exactly is that black eye?" War King Wind asked in a low voice. He sighed deeply when he couldn't find any answers.

A single move had destroyed a huge portion of the whole world's mountains. What on earth was that thing?

Most importantly, the eye's owner must've thought that Zen was too weak and incapable of blocking the b

them to everyone like this?"

Turner smiled and said, "That's right. There are a lot of priceless minerals, so you should not give them to others like that. However, there are some things that we need. Thad, you can fix prices for them and sell them to us."

"This..." Zen was stunned. He deeply suspected that there might be something wrong with those Soul Sea Realm masters. He wondered why they treated him so well after he had undergone a tribulation.

Could it be that they were plotting something?

Meanwhile, Derek and Marine silently observed Zen. The news about Zen would definitely be reported through the Reverse Spirit Channel, but now was not the time. They would wait until Zen had dealt with the ores first.

Zen thought for a while, but still couldn't figure out what was going on. He mentally communicated with the cyan dragon, but the cyan dragon also didn't understand what those masters meant. After all, the cyan dragon also didn't know that Zen was tied up to the ascending passageway.

Since he couldn't figure it out, Zen simply ignored this question and took out the ores one by one from his space ring.

When Zen had previously dug out the ores, a lot of the Soul Sea Realm masters eagerly watched him. They were quite keen on what kind of ores Zen had.

There weren't many ores in the leaves of the forty-fifth layer to forty-seventh layer, but each ore had its own unique shape.

For example, the first crystal that Zen had taken out from his space ring was like water as it slipped between his fingers and fell to the ground. However, the blue liquid quickly merged and formed a small round ball that continuously jumped about on the ground.

Zen smiled and said, "In that case, how much can this Water Crystal cost if I sell it to you?"

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