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   Chapter 1180 The Whole World

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Two snow flood dragons' lair was originally built in the middle of the mountain, but suddenly, the entire mountain disappeared and the dragons began to fall down. Luckily, they managed to fly up. They were intelligent beings, but they still couldn't understand what was going on. How did a mighty mountain just disappear all of a sudden?

However, what happened next left these dragons flabbergasted. The towering mountains in front of them were rapidly disappearing. The moment those mountains started to collapse, they would disappear!

"Boom, boom, boom, boom..."

There were not many people in the western part of the Central Region. About fifty to sixty thousand mountains sat right next to each other. Even if a Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior wanted to cross over such a large mountain range, it would probably take him very long.

Right this moment, these mountains were getting annihilated within seconds...

This strange scene was not taking place only in the western part of the Central Region, but all over the entire Central Region. All the mountains were being destroyed!

The three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance were holding a meeting on a small, thousand-foot-high mountain on the southern side of Oracle City. All of the investors of the World Commercial Alliance attended the meeting. Now, only the World Commercial Alliance stood out in the Central Region. However, Dillon did not hold any ambitions of forming a sacred place. The World Commercial Alliance was indeed a powerful force, but the members were all merchants after all.

However, suddenly in the middle of the meeting, the small mountain started to collapse.

Everyone was shocked, and before they could figure out what happened, the ground beneath their feet had disappeared. The entire mountain was instantly erased...

"Are we under attack?" an Internal Elixir Realm warrior shouted. Although they had recouped from the previous attack of the Heavenly Evil Divine Kingdom, it had left a deep impression on many warriors.

"Attack? Damn it!" Hobbes, who was floating in the air, cursed loudly.

Many warriors could destroy a mountain, so could Hobbes and the others. It was not so difficult, but nobody could do it in an instant! This remarkable skill had captured their imaginations!

An even more intense crumbling sound followed and the White Mountain, which was fifteen thousand feet tall, suddenly disappeared from Oracle City!

In Oracle City, as long as people looked to the south, they would be able to see the black shadow of the White Mountain. It stood like a giant guarding the south of Oracle City. But now it had vanished without a trace!

"The...the White Mountain has also been

nter..." There was no trace of joy on his face. Instead, he appeared sad.

He had indeed pulled through. While he was still in one piece, the entire great world had paid a huge price on his behalf.

There were five million mountains in total destroyed. There might be a great number of living beings, including humans, which were sacrificed.

"Zen withstood the black light; it was unable to kill him. This guy is really..." Marine was so shocked that his breath got caught in her throat.

The Soul Sea Realm masters were also silent. They knew that Zen was able to transfer the black light's power. The little monster from the Nine Furnace Martial House had displayed this ability more than once before. However, no one knew the limits of this ability. Could it be that there was no limit to how much power Zen could transfer?

The Soul Sea Realm masters didn't know much about the black light's power. But the one thing they did know for certain was that it could destroy them all easily. Even if the number of the Soul Sea Realm masters increased by a hundred times, they still wouldn't be able to survive the black light!

But Zen was able to withstand this incredible attack. What had he sacrificed in order to do so? Where did he transfer the power?

There were no mountains on the Feather Emperor Island, so many Soul Sea Realm masters had no clue that all of the mountains on the Divine Kingdom Continent had disappeared...

Turner couldn't take the suspense, so he asked him directly, "Thad, I know you have transferred the power to some other place, but... where did you transfer the black light's power?"

Zen blinked before he replied, "Mountains..."

"Mountains? How many mountains?" Turner asked out of curiosity.

"The mountains of the whole world," Zen responded sadly.

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