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   Chapter 1179 Black Light

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The thin line in the sky appeared all of a sudden. However, the moment it came into view, everyone, including Zen himself, froze on spot as if immobilized.

Zen felt a great aura within seconds. The aura seemed to surpass the limits of living beings.

They felt their bodies solidify and their blood stop circulating. Their hearts stopped beating and only their consciousness remained working. They felt that their souls were, under this thin line, like insignificant specks of dust.

"What is that?"

"How can something be so powerful? It is only a thin line, but I can already feel its might!"

"I'm insignificant. I feel like nobody at all."

Each and every Soul Sea Realm master had lived for tens of thousands of years. They had long lifespans, wide ranges of knowledge, and exceptionally mature minds. Their warrior spirits were meant to be as solid as rocks.

However, the warrior spirits of some of the Soul Sea Realm masters started to show signs of breakdown under the power of the thin line.

Its power was unleashed against Zen. The others were still some distance away from him and only he was bearing the brunt of it.

Zen raised his head and gazed ahead at the thin line. A cold expression covered his face. "Cyan dragon, what is that?" Zen did not think too much of it. At the moment, he felt like he was facing a life and death situation, so he immediately inquired the cyan dragon about it. At the very least, he wanted to know if he had a way to escape this obstacle.

However, the cyan dragon simply said, "I don't know."

Even the cyan dragon had not seen such a thing previously. He was indeed unable to answer Zen's question.

But soon, Zen came to know what it was.

The thin line continued to extend several tens of feet in the sky. Soon after, it split into two. As the two lines separated, their heads and ends still connected; they formed an eye socket. In the center of this eye socket was a black eye.

An eye!

There were perhaps tens of thousands of species in the universe. Each of them had distinct appearances, but there was one similarity that they all shared—the eye.

"It's an eye. Whose eye is that?" Zen's brows furrowed, a look of caution on his face. He did not feel any goodwill radiating from the eye. On the contrary, he felt a sharp hostility coming off it.

'No. Perhaps it can't be called hostility, ' Zen thought. 'I do

nster had been the incarnation of the world's will, he himself hadn't known about this.

Zen had only uttered the words out of regard for the living beings of this world and the respect he had for himself.

As soon as he finished speaking, the black light shot at him.

Everyone present could only stare blankly at the scene before them. Seeing this black light, no one had thoughts of attacking it, for there was nothing they could do at all.

The black light hit Zen's chest in an instant and entered his body rapidly. In the next moment, his entire body, including his lips, the whites of his eyes, his nails, as well as his clothes—all turned black.

As this black light traveled across Zen's body, it instantly wrapped around each cell to destroy it. If the insides of Zen's body had been on display, everyone would have noticed that his brain, organs, bones, blood vessels, and every drop of his blood had turned black.

It was an attempt to wipe Zen out. If the black light succeeded, not a single hair or cell in his body would be left in this world. Not a single granule of his body would remain.

In one breath, a singularly terrifying power had been released.

The cells and parts of Zen's body tried to tolerate the immense impact of the energy.

As the energy of the black light began to expand, the first mountain began to collapse.


It was a mountain in the western part of Central Region that had endured the huge amount of energy and exploded from the inside, but not a single rock rolled down. Before it could collapse completely, it had disappeared.

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