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   Chapter 1178 A Thin Line

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Derek hadn't the foggiest notion of what was going on, but that didn't mean he was unaware of what the Mahayana Lotus Flower was.

What was unexpected was the young man in front of him. He had never thought that such a young individual would be able to activate the Mahayana Lotus Flower.

To him, such a thing was a complete impossibility.

The Lotus Flower was divided into the Mahayana Lotus Flower and the Hinayana Lotus Flower. The Hinayana Lotus Flower was characterized by a maximum of nine petals, while the former was much more powerful and had a maximum limit of twenty-seven petals!

There had been hundreds of warriors who had activated the Hinayana Lotus Flower, but it was extremely rare for any supreme world to have even a single warrior who could activate all the nine petals. Yet even with that kept in mind, in the last 3.6 billion years, the number of warriors who had achieved that wasn't too small.

However, the situation for the number of warriors who had activated the Mahayana Lotus Flower was completely different.

In the last tens of thousands of years, there was, maybe, someone in a corner of some supreme world who had activated it. After all, the Upper World was simply too vast; one couldn't blame Derek for being ignorant and ill-informed about these affairs.

But despite his level of knowledge, Derek himself had never heard of anyone who had activated the Mahayana Lotus Flower.

He only heard that Supreme Lord Lloyd of the Lloyd World had activated the Mahayana Lotus Flower after passing through the Reincarnation Tribulation 2.6 million years ago. As for other Supreme Lords, Derek was unsure whether they had activated the Mahayana Lotus Flower or not but if they had, news would have spread.

One thing was certain: only a Supreme Lord could activate the Mahayana Lotus Flower. No wonder Derek didn't believe that Zen could do that.

Derek's heart grew heavy and his facial expression turned glum. He could have accepted the fact that Zen had somehow managed to activate the Nine-petal Lotus Flower, but this news was beyond his level of control. He himself did not know what this meant. The only thing he knew was that this matter would cause an unprecedented sensation and would spread like wildfire if he were to report it to the Upper World through the Reverse Spirit Channel.

He felt his throat dry up. It had been many years since the Upper World had sent him down to supervise the four divine kingdoms and obtain the Ancestral Dragon's egg.

Derek knew of his own fate. Most likely, he had only one way to escape this world: find the Ancestral Dragon's egg and then he would be qualified to return to the Upper World.

If he was able to discover a warrior who could activate the Mahayana Lotus Flower, his fate would also change, and he might even obtain unimaginable benefits as a reward.

But, could Zen really do that?

Derek was still puzzled. This possibility was so small that it was practically negligible. If he were to report this matter and later on it turned out to be fake, the consequences far outweighed the rewards.

As he mulled this over, he suddenly had a feeling that it might be possible. The

Northern Region, Derek had just spoken so highly of him. Zen's future was prominent, and for once, War King Wind had found someone who was worthy to be Fiona's husband.

Therefore, he suddenly asked his daughter, "Fiona, what do you think of Thad?"

War King Wind simply popped the question in front of so many people. Although Fiona was innocent, she was still an adult and immediately understood what her father was implying.

Her charming eyes had originally been fixed on Zen. When War King Wind opened his mouth, her face turned red, and she retracted her gaze and pouted, "Father, what are you talking about?"

War King Wind scratched the back of his head. He also knew that his daughter was shy, but this was an important matter to him. If they didn't act quickly, maybe the others would see what was going on and seize this opportunity. They would then introduce their daughters to Zen. So he wanted to pair Zen and Fiona as soon as possible.

When this conversation reached the ears of the other Soul Sea Realm masters, they all showed a trace of understanding. 'This guy is really cunning! With Thad's potential, his future would be incalculable! No wonder he wants to marry his daughter off to Thad, ' they thought.

But War King Wind wasn't alone! The other Soul Sea Realm masters also had their own plans, especially those who had young and pretty daughters.

The Lotus Flower in the sky slowly rotated and its color finally dimmed, slowly disappearing from everyone's sight.

When he saw this scene, Zen sighed and told the cyan dragon in his mind, "Alas! I thought that I would be able to activate the last petal too!"

The cyan dragon sneered, "In your dreams, boy! To be able to activate even a single petal of the Mahayana Lotus Flower is highly difficult. You should be extremely satisfied. Also, as long as the Mahayana Lotus Flower has appeared once, it will appear each time you go through a tribulation."

Zen nodded as he walked towards the pyramid. He still had a large amount of precious ores to deal with.

However, at this time, a black thin line suddenly appeared in the sky.

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