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   Chapter 1177 Mahayana Lotus Flower

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Every time the Lotus Flower trembled, a new petal would grow. As it trembled again, they anxiously waited to see another petal bloom.

Derek's words had discouraged the powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm from hoping that Zen could work wonders and impress the humans from the Upper World. The sight of the flower trembling again instantly drew everyone's attention.

Derek said that there might not be even one warrior in a supreme world that could make the nine-petal Lotus Flower fully blossom. Such a warrior would definitely attract the attention of the Upper World.

As for the ascending passageway, no matter how much they would have to pay, it had to be repaired.

Suddenly, Derek's face became extremely serious. His eyes became sharp like lightning and he was firmly staring at the trembling Lotus Flower.

He knew more about the Lotus Flower and the meaning of the bloom of its nine petals than any of the warriors at the Soul Sea Realm.

Martial artists could cultivate martial arts complying with the laws of heavens. They could absorb the rules of heavens. In order to achieve this, they would have to go step by step, from the inferior laws to Original Laws, and to superior laws, which included the Law of Causality.

However, cultivators who practiced martial arts by abiding to the heavens would eventually encounter a huge bottleneck. They would not be able to escape the cycle of reincarnation, nor would they be able to escape the shackles of the heavens.

Only the martial artists that defied the laws of heavens could go beyond the heavens and obtain higher achievements.

Not all the warriors could go beyond the heavens. Only a warrior that could activate the Nine-petal Lotus Flower into full bloom would have the potential to go beyond the heavens and be considered a talent in the Upper World.

Moreover, the definition of talent was different across worlds.

Being talented in the Lower World meant having special abilities. The people who had special gifts in certain aspects were considered talented.

However, in the Upper World, being talented referred to creatures that could go beyond the heavens.

A martial artist who had the ability to activate a Nine-petal Lotus Flower meant he had the full potential of going beyond the heavens. In any race or force, such a figure would be greatly valued.

Compared to the Nine-petal Lotus Flower, the baptism by laws was not as impressive. Although Derek had been surprised when he found Zen was able to comprehend Fiona's Time Law in a short period of time, it only caught his attention but not his admiration. It was far from the shock that the Nine-petal Lotus Flower brought to him now.

From what Derek had told them, the group of Soul Sea Realm masters had come to understand that the appearance of a Nine-petal Lotus Flower signified something extraordinary and that even in a supreme world, not anyone could make it show.

The problem was that this group of Soul Sea Realm masters had never been to the U

the Lotus Flower began trembling again.

"What is happening?" Zen asked with a confused gaze staring at the Lotus Flower. If all the nine petals had grown and the flower had fully bloomed, then why was the Lotus Flower still trembling?

"Master Derek, what's going on?" a powerful warrior at the Soul Sea Realm asked.

Derek didn't know what to say. The nine petals had fully grown and the Lotus Flower now had the perfect form. But it continued trembling as if something was trying to escape from it.

For a moment, Derek couldn't figure out what was happening. He was baffled and puzzled with what was unfolding in front of him.

Looking at the Lotus Flower, Marine gently bit her lip, trying to search through the information she had got from the ancient documents in her mind.

The secret sect had a long history. It was said that the inheritances of the secret sect could be traced back to the last era, which meant that secret sect already existed before many of the creatures were born in this era. The end of an era also meant the destruction of a round of heavens. However, in this universe, there would always be some powerful ones who could pass on the inheritances. Some inheritances could transcend time and even the heavens.

Therefore, although Marine was not as knowledgeable as Derek, as a Holy Maiden of the secret sect, she had access to information that not even Derek was able to reach.

The Lotus Flower had nine petals and the person who could open up all the nine petals had a great fortune bestowed on himself by the precious Lotus Flower.

However, this was only the first level. The first level was the Hinayana Lotus Flower. If one could break through the heavenly barrier, one could enter the Mahayana realm, which was the second level.

Thinking of this, Marine's heart suddenly started to beat faster and she blurted out, "Master Derek, is Zen about to open the second level? The Mahayana Lotus Flower?"

She wasn't sure herself, so she could only ask Derek.

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