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   Chapter 1176 Seven Petals

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War Emperor York quickly looked back to the numerous times when he made Zen's life hell and even wanted to put him to death — on more than one occasion.

He thought it both funny and tragic that he was now on the verge of kneeling in front of that very same kid just to beg him to sprout more petals on that Lotus Flower of his.

War Emperor York was the most ambitious among the kings which meant he was also the one who pined the most for ascension to the Upper World. Therefore, he couldn't help but feel so distraught yet also so hopeful as he watched the petals on Zen's Lotus Flower unfurl one by one. Now that it had stopped blooming, War Emperor York was ready to get down on his knees to see just a few more petals from that lotus.

He didn't really hold out hope at first since he thought it would be impossible for Zen's lotus to have seven petals but he began to change his mind once he saw the flower reveal five.

But now it had stopped blooming. He wanted to kneel, to cry, to beg, but that would be embarrassing given the animosity he and Zen had with each other. War Emperor York could only turn to Turner for help.

He and Turner weren't really in the best of terms but the two were able to hold themselves back given the harmony that the four divine kingdoms enjoyed with each other.

Still, Turner couldn't help but snort when he saw the embarrassed expression on War Emperor York's face. He shook his head before stepping down the pyramid and walking towards Zen.

He wasn't doing it for War Emperor York. No, he was doing it for the sake of all Soul Sea Realm warriors of the four divine kingdoms.

Turner stopped several dozen feet away from Zen. The young man still hadn't completed his tribulation so Turner wasn't sure if he should get too close to him. "Thad, can you hear me? Er, I mean… Don't you think it's improper to sit and meditate while the Lotus Flower is blooming?"

Zen opened his eyes and looked up at Turner, "What do you mean, your majesty?" he asked with a perplexed look. "Why is it improper?"

"I mean…" Turner trailed off, not really sure how to explain this to Zen. "Just… maybe you should take it a bit more seriously?" Turner pointed at the Lotus Flower that slowly spun in the air.

"Take it more seriously?" Zen repeated as he also looked at the flower. He understood what Turner had meant. They thought it quite halfhearted of him to meditate at this moment.

The problem, however, was that Zen himself hadn't really planned on taking this seriously in the first place.

According to the cyan dragon, the number of lotus petals was something that had already been predetermined by destiny. Zen had no control over how many petals would unfurl from the bulb.

Nonetheless, the serious look on Turner's face was enough to make him feel a tiny bit embarrassed. Zen chuckled and got to h

eventually be followed by a seventh. This was within their expectations.

A Soul Sea Realm master couldn't help but sigh, "Ah… if only it could have two more petals…"

His remark caused Derek to snort with laughter, "Ah! Yes, if only he could summon a Lotus Flower with nine petals. If that happened then the Upper World would have no choice but to pay attention! No matter how large the cost, they would surely repair the passageway!"

His words caused a glimmer of hope to appear among the Soul Sea Realm warriors' faces.

The ascension path was something that was too important for them. A seven-petal Lotus Flower only gave them a thirty percent chance but a nine-petal Lotus Flower could bump that figure to a hundred percent. They couldn't stop themselves from hoping that more petals would bloom.

However, Derek was quick to shatter their hopes once again, "It is a pity. A Lotus Flower with nine petals is almost impossible. It is something that is rarely seen even in a supreme world. I'm not saying that Lower World warriors are inferior but I've never heard of one that could summon a Lotus Flower with nine petals."

His words effectively calmed down those Soul Sea Realm warriors once they heard his conclusion.

Of course, a better result would be nice, but looking forward to it too much might only lead to bitter disappointment especially if the chances were already too slim. It seemed that they had no choice but to resign themselves to their fate.

How could they possibly expect a warrior from the Lower World to summon a Lotus Flower with all nine petals? It was preposterous.

The thought had all of them reverting back to their calm, collected Soul Sea Realm master personas who now stared indifferently at the Lotus Flower that continued to rotate slowly in the air.

Another two hours passed and, to everyone's shock, the flower started trembling once again!

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