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   Chapter 1174 Lotus Flower

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As he looked at the golden long swords that kept gathering in the sky, Zen took a deep breath, his muscles tensing up once again.

These golden swords were condensed by some law, but they did not contain any heavenly essence, which was why Zen was unable to tell the grade of these swords. But judging by the cold, silver flash of light that emanated from the edges of these swords, it was likely that they had immense power.

A short while later, the golden cloud moved on its own, despite the absence of wind. With a ringing sound, the first golden sword shot down towards Zen.

The rest quickly followed.

The cloud formed by the golden swords transformed into a golden torrent that came surging towards Zen.

Zen stood upright and firmly in his spot like a deep-rooted tree, his feet spread wide. His eyes glittered with a steely resolve as he looked at the golden torrent coming towards him.

"When I underwent the Metal Tribulation, I wore my Demon Heart Armor and consumed over two hundred thousand supreme life vitality crystals, which was how I managed to survive the Metal Tribulation. These swords are much sharper than the swords I've faced before, and this boy doesn't have the Demon Heart Armor to protect him!" the powerful master at the Soul Sea Realm who had gone through the Metal Tribulation shook his head and said.

The Demon Heart Armor was a semi-divine weapon, an armor used to protect the body. As a defensive weapon, its value was on par with that of the common divine weapons. The powerful master of the Soul Sea Realm who had just spoken had borrowed it from War King Wind when he had to face the Metal Tribulation.

War King Wind smiled helplessly at the master's words. "If the Demon Heart Armor had still existed, I can lend it to Thad. But unfortunately…"

The fact was that Demon Heart Armor had been destroyed dozens of years ago.

While they were talking, the golden torrent had already charged towards Zen.

'They are coming!'

As he looked at the first golden sword that was coming at him, Zen reached out and grabbed it, crushing it into pieces in a flash.

'This isn't a real sword! It's only condensed from the Metal Law and its strength seems to be inferior to that of a sacred weapon, ' Zen thought. He now knew the power of these swords after he had shattered the first golden sword.

But in the next moment, the number of golden swords pelting towards Zen suddenly skyrocketed. He was unable to crush them all with his bare hands. Soon the golden swords came at him from all directions.

Zen was like someone who couldn't swim in a large river and was soon submerged within this golden torrent.

Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank!

Zen's body was as sturdy as a sacred weapon. Every time a golden sword collided with Zen's body, it would turn into golden powder. The tiny powder quickly turned into bits of Metal Law and dissipated in the air.

But even though these golden swords were not as strong as Zen's physical body, the edges of the

e Holy Maiden of the secret sect, she was well aware of what was important and what was not. Since Zen had made the Lotus Flower bloom during his tribulation, the conflict between her and Zen was no longer important.

Hearing their conversation, the powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm felt chills pass through their veins, causing them to become serious.

Although these powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm were mighty in the Divine Kingdom Continent and were considered powerful figures in the Lower World, they were nothing compared to the masters of the Upper World.

Although they were the rulers of the seventh-grade divine kingdoms, they had spent many years but still hadn't been able to completely occupy the Feather Holy Sea, which was only an eighth-grade sacred place of the Dragon Lineage Human. Then what would a ninth grade sacred place be like? What would a tenth grade sacred place be like? This was simply unimaginable!

The pure white Lotus Flower slowly revolved above Zen's head. After a long while, a pure white petal emerged slowly from the bud.

The moment the petal came out, a fragrant smell wafted out from it and filled everyone's nostrils.

"This Lotus Flower is so fragrant!" Fiona couldn't help but sniff the air. Although the fragrance was rich, it wasn't unpleasant. Just a deep breath and the fragrance seemed to seep into one's soul.

"The first one," Marine said as she bit her lip. Though she had known the Lotus Flower from the documents, it was the first time she had seen a martial artist make the Lotus Flower bloom with her own eyes. And now she was actually looking forward to seeing more petals come out of it.

Zen stood still on the ground, quiet as he looked at the Lotus Flower revolving slowly in the sky, his eyes clear as water. Through the cyan dragon's explanation, he already knew what this Lotus Flower represented.

As the Lotus Flower revolved, another petal came out.

"The second one," Marine said, keeping up the count.

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