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   Chapter 1173 Metal Tribulation

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The Heavenly Tribulation was a calamity that fell from the heavens. The lightning dragon was the creature of the heavens and had no master.

After comprehending the fourth layer of the Thunder Law, Zen began to refine the lightning dragon.

The Heavenly Tribulation was both a test for warriors and also an opportunity to enhance themselves.

Thus, from the Life and Death Realm onwards, warriors had to pass life and death crises one after another; a life and death crisis was equal to a life and death trial. It would allow one to become stronger.

Multiple rays of lightning surged unceasingly in Zen's eyes. After he absorbed the lightning dragon, the electric currents continued to ravage his body. Thanks to his control over the Law Power, he was able to digest the massive amount of lightning.

"He actually consumed all of the Thunder Tribulation! What a freak!"

"It's not like this has never happened before. When Lexer was making a breakthrough to the Soul Sea Realm, he had also absorbed the Thunder Tribulation."

"It's not the same. When Lexer was making a breakthrough to the Soul Sea Realm, the Thunder Tribulation he faced was only at the second layer. This huge lightning dragon contains the fourth layer Thunder Law."

The Soul Sea Realm masters were also whispering to each other. Their faces were full of envy. The Thunder Tribulation did not cause much harm to Zen; it actually strengthened him.

"Humph! The Thunder Tribulation was just the first wave of attack, yet it was so terrifying. What kind of damned things are behind this?" War Emperor York asked irritably.

The dark clouds in the sky began to dissipate layer by layer, and light shone down through the enormous empty space that was revealed in the sky. The thick clouds began to dissipate at a visible speed.

After a few minutes, the dark clouds that had formed over the entire continent completely disappeared, and brightness returned. Several Soul Sea Realm masters who had been fighting the tsunami also returned to the Feather Emperor Island.

Right at this moment, a golden ray of light shot out from the horizon. Within the ray of light were more than ten figures, led by a white-browed Taoist priest who was dressed in robes. He was the one hosting the competition by the side of the West Dragon River.

He was a human warrior from the Upper World.

"Master Derek!" Turner greeted the priest respectfully.

"Master Derek, are you here because of the Thunder Tribulation?" War King Wind asked as he flew up to greet the priest. The other Soul Sea Realm warriors also bowed at him respectfully.

Derek descended on the pyramid with his followers and asked harshly, "Who is undergoing the tribulation? It actually has such great power!"

The power of the Heavenly Tribulation caused by Zen was too astonishi

'Will there be a second wave of attack?' he wondered.

After passing through the first wave of Heavenly Tribulation safely, Zen raised his head and looked skywards.

Ordinary warriors would only have to combat the first wave of Thunder Tribulation when they were making a breakthrough to the Life and Death Realm. But the more powerful one's talent was, the more waves of Heavenly Tribulation they would have to deal with and the more powerful they would become. Even divine-level talents would often face more than one wave of Heavenly Tribulation, so the chances of Zen facing more than one wave were very high.

Sure enough, a faint golden shadow appeared in the sky. The golden light became more and more obvious and golden swords began to appear slowly one by one.

"This is the Metal Tribulation! This Metal Tribulation appears after the Thunder Tribulation. In all likelihood, it will be even more difficult to deal with!" cried a Soul Sea Realm warrior, who had experienced the Metal Tribulation before.

However, Derek had a look of disdain on his face. He looked down on all the Soul Sea Realm masters in the divine kingdoms for their lack of knowledge. "It's only a Metal Tribulation. What's so surprising about that?" he stated indifferently.

For him, neither the Thunder Tribulation, Metal Tribulation, Wind Tribulation nor Water Tribulation held much weight. Only the Lotus Flower would be able to determine a warrior's true potential.

While Zen's Small Heavenly Tribulation was terrifying, he still hadn't given birth to the Lotus Flower. So his feat was not that impressive.

Golden swords covered the sky, each of them sparkling with a dazzling light. A thousand swords. Ten thousand. A hundred thousand. A million...

As the number of golden swords increased, they blotted out the sky and the sun. It looked just like one, giant golden cloud.

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