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   Chapter 1172 Control The Thunder Tribulation

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'Yes! Comprehend the Thunder Law and control it!' Zen thought, his heart skipping a beat.

One couldn't blame Zen for not being able to think of this earlier as he had been focusing all his attention on resisting the Heavenly Tribulation. He didn't realize that instead of fighting the Heavenly Tribulation, he could make use of it.


Zen's figure flashed as he suddenly descended, dodging the attack from the two lightning dragons. Both dragons entwined with each other, forming a bigger one again, and charged towards him.


During this process, thick bolts of lightning struck out in all directions. Some of the lightning bolts struck the ground and were quickly absorbed by the earth, while other lightning bolts headed straight for the Soul Sea Realm masters present.

All of the Soul Sea Realm masters had already activated their life vitality to protect themselves, but the lightning bolts were lashing about like whips, striking their shields of life vitality and causing them to tremble.

'Thunder Law!'

Zen already comprehended the first layer of Thunder Law when he was at the Genuine Dragon World. This was the foundation of his Thunder Law.

As Zen's figure rapidly descended, he began to observe the Thunder Law contained within the enormous lightning dragon above him closely.

The first layer of the Thunder Law was Annihilation.

The second layer was Purification, and the third was Heavenly Tribulation.

When warriors advanced to the Life and Death Realm, the life and death crisis triggered by them included the third layer of the Thunder Law. This was probably the reason that the third layer was called Heavenly Tribulation.

However, the enormous lightning dragon that Zen was facing right now contained the fourth layer of the Thunder Law.

He silently gazed at the enormous lightning dragon as his mind spun rapidly. The mysterious Thunder Law hidden within the dazzling lightning bolts was slowly being unveiled to him.

The more compatible one was with a law, the faster one could comprehend it. After going through the baptism by laws, Zen could easily understand lower layers of various laws, though higher layers of laws were still a little difficult for him to comprehend.

Nevertheless, understanding the Thunder Law in a short period of time wasn't an easy task. Moreover, the lightning dragon didn't let go of Zen. It charged towards him repeatedly, in an attempt to swallow him.

This time, Zen did not resist. He was completely absorbed into the world of Thunder Law. The Thunder Law contained within every lightning bolt was like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that swiftly started assembling in his mind. H

aid with a frown. Even though Zen was able to transfer the power of the lightning into the Feather Holy Sea, the lightning dragon's might did not weaken. How would Zen get out of the trouble?

The Soul Sea Realm masters sighed when they saw this scene. They understood that they probably wouldn't be able to withstand such a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation even with their strength of the Soul Sea Realm. 'Thad is indeed a freak! He has attracted such an intense counterattack from the heavens, ' they thought.

He was someone who had angered even the heavens in the end!

Everyone was pessimistic about Zen's fate.

However, after five minutes, everyone suddenly realized that something was not right. The lightning dragon's body was slowly shrinking.

"Is the Thunder Tribulation finally coming to an end? But how can it decline so fast?"

"The downfall of the lightning dragon has just begun. I wonder what happened!"

"It's really strange. It seems like something has sucked the lightning away!"

The Soul Sea Realm masters were also at a loss. They stared in bewilderment at the scene playing out before them. At this moment, Fiona pursed her lips and a trace of anticipation appeared in her eyes.

Zen had exceeded her expectations time and time again. Although she was worried, she still had full of confidence in him and was certain that this time, too, Zen would be able to do the same.

The lightning dragon was shrinking rapidly. It decreased from the size of a mountain range to the size of a small mountain in mere seconds. It continued shrinking until it completely disappeared.

As for Zen, he was still standing on the ground. His entire body was charred black, but his pupils were shining brightly. A faint flash of lightning could be seen inside his eyes.

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