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   Chapter 1171 The Thunder Law

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Zen had used his life vitality to protect his body as he activated the Stellar Body, but it did nothing to quell his disquiet. His eyes shone as cold as ever.

Previously, when Letitia was undergoing her life and death tribulation, the first wave of the Thunder Tribulation had been the weakest, but the other waves of Heavenly Tribulation became stronger each time.

Now, even the first wave of Thunder Tribulation had already been so terrifying in its intensity. What about the next waves of Heavenly Tribulations?

Zen did not dare to imagine the frightening possibilities, nor did he bother to think any more about them.

If he could not dodge them, then he could only strike at the right moment.

As the lightning dragon was getting closer and closer to him, the dark cloud above his head roiled around, spinning in a slow circle. Then a hole opened at the center. A ray of light shot down from the hole, as if it had punctured the sky. It was a strange sight to behold.

Like a pulse, the ray of light appeared only for a split second before a blazing white light covered it. Soon, to the disbelief and fear of many people, lightning morphed into the shape of a dragon claw and descended from the hole.

The many powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm looked with wide open eyes at the scene that they were witnessing.

The dragon claw reached out from the hole and began to tear the skies.

The thick layer of dark cloud was torn apart. The crowd watched as the wisps scattered into shapeless masses.

The next moment, the dragon's body descended. The blazing white dragon head formed by the lightning suddenly let out an earth-shattering roar as it faced Zen.


Immediately after, lightning appeared on its body, followed by another massive explosion.

Zen's eyes flickered at the sight before him. He willed his mind to be calm, his features settling into a placid expression. His eyes narrowed on the dragon and his dry lips moved to say softly, "Come on!"


Lightning struck, as if to split the entire earth in two. The colossal dragon circled in the air before pouncing towards Zen.

The dragon was the size of a mountain range, but it was rapidly shrinking as it charged forward. However, this was not an indication that its strength was weakening. It was gathering its power, preparing for its attack.

"Heavenly Tribulations are calamities that come from the heaven. There is no way to avoid them, so I would have to take on this colossal dragon."

Zen suddenly stood up from the ground. At the same time, a strong, vivid aura emanated from his body. Meanwhile, the lightning dragon continued to charge directly towards him.

"It's only a lightning dragon. All this is a facade. It's far inferior to a real dragon!" Zen declared.

Strength coursed into

silence for a fraction of a second, and then the dragon was split in half from the middle.

The warriors of the Soul Sea Realm could hardly believe what they saw. Zen had split the lightning dragon's body into two.

Zen exhaled deeply upon seeing what had happened, but the relief would only last for an instant. The next moment, the dragon that had been torn in two shot out to either side. Now, there were two smaller dragons, charging towards Zen once again.

"The lightning dragon formed in this Heavenly Tribulation is simply indestructible. How will I be able to defeat it? It would be impossible to rely on my own body to swallow it," Zen said inwardly, his face hardening.

The dragons didn't give Zen any time to think. They charged towards him, one on the left and one on the right.

"What should I do?" Zen could feel his anxiousness getting hold of him as he stood in the middle of the two lightning dragons.

Just then, the cyan dragon faintly smiled and said, "Zen, have you forgotten about your own talent?"

"My talent?" Zen asked in his mind as he watched the two dragons get closer and closer.

"You have gone through the baptism by laws, and you know the Thunder Law best. As I have said before, a Heavenly Tribulation is a catastrophe for a martial artist, but it is also a chance! Many talents in the Upper World eagerly hope that their Heavenly Tribulations can become even stronger, so that they will have greater chances," the cyan dragon reminded.

"Chance? Master the Thunder Law?" Zen narrowed his eyes.

Of all the Original Laws, the Time Law was the hardest, followed by the Space Law. The Thunder, Fire, Ice, and Metal Laws, however, were relatively easier.

Zen had gone through the baptism by laws, so he was able to quickly master the Time Law, which was the most difficult. The Thunder Law had been much easier to comprehend.

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