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   Chapter 1170 Heavenly Tribulation

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Normally a martial artist would be able to liquefy his life vitality at the Life and Death Realm, and the elixir field would be able to store even more of it. Once the martial artist reached the Soul Sea Realm, he would be able to open up a world, and his elixir field would be transformed into a vast ocean.

When warriors reached a higher level, they could even nurture life in the vast ocean, creatures that could reproduce, become civilized, or even cultivate.

In this period, the liquefied life vitality would slowly solidify, forming continents on the Soul Sea.

Logically speaking, at Zen's current cultivation, he should still be far from solidifying his life vitality. But his life vitality began to solidify without explanation and cause.

The cyan dragon was shocked.

As knowledgeable as he was, he could not understand what was going on.

As the life vitality within Zen's body gradually solidified, its rotation speed became slower and slower. Suddenly, in this moment, a dark cloud appeared in the sky.

"How did this dark cloud appear out of nowhere in such a clear sky?"

"It's indeed very strange. Why did the sky change so quickly?"

"The dark cloud is expanding! Really fast!"

Everyone was looking up at the strange scene in the sky.

The black cloud that had splattered suddenly across the originally clear blue sky looked like a drop of ink dripping into a pool of clear water. The terrifying thing about it was that it was expanding at an incredible speed. It had covered the entire Feather Emperor Island in the blink of an eye.

One moment, it was daytime, and the next, dark cloud had covered the sky.

It had taken half a minute for the dark cloud to cover the Feather Holy Sea.

And five minutes later, it had covered the entire Divine Kingdom Continent.

The vast lands of the four divine kingdoms were now all enveloped by darkness. Oil lamps were lit in the large towns of all the divine kingdoms. A few people belonging to the older generation even began to mutter to themselves, looking at the sky as they prayed that the gods wouldn't be angry with them.

As Zen gazed at the dark sky, he suddenly felt an intense malicious intent. It was the evil intentions of heaven.

"Is this my first small Heavenly Tribulation?" Zen wondered.

He had once witnessed a small Heavenly Tribulation. A colossal phenomenon had occurred when Letitia had gone through one. Back then, the scope of the phenomenon only just covered an area up to just being above the Cloud Hall. The black cloud in the sky, however, was endless. One could only imagine how powerful the upcoming Heavenly Tribulation would be.

"What a powerful aura! This is the life and death tribulation Thad will have to face." Turner sighe

talent! It is a pity that you are too special. If the heavens want you to die, you will have no choice but to die. You will not be able to resist!'

The other warriors at the Soul Sea Realm felt a chill steal through their hearts. Zen was probably finished now.


Another bolt of lightning pierced the dark cloud, revealing the fact that the lightning dragon had already moved above Zen.

'Is it here?'

Zen thought, eyes glinting, and began to extract traces of forceful energy from his elixir field. Because his life vitality had solidified, the difficulty of extracting life vitality had increased. The solidified life vitality hardly moved, but he could do nothing but get used to it. Over time, Zen's meridians became much thicker than those of ordinary martial artists.

"Body-protecting life vitality."

A light purple-colored barrier of life vitality enveloped Zen.

He then began to spread out his consciousness and communicate with the stars.

"Stellar Body."

Two streaks of starlight suddenly pierced through the thick cloud and met each other on Zen's body.

"This starlight! It's the power of the stars! What kind of refinement technique is Zen cultivating?" a Soul Sea Realm warrior exclaimed, amazed. He was the one who had visualized the stars. But no matter how hard he had tried, he hadn't been able to attract the starlight no matter how real it was. He couldn't figure out how Zen had done it, how he had been able to mobilize the stars from so far away. This was simply too amazing!

Looking at the starlight on Zen's body, many of the experts at the Soul Sea Realm fell silent. They had thought that Zen had displayed his full strength at the West Dragon River. But it looked like he was still hiding a huge trump card within himself.

Just how many trump cards did this kid have on him?

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