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   Chapter 1169 Life Vitality Started To Solidify

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The many supreme worlds in the Upper World were rich in resources, be it cultivation methods, inheritances or the vastness of the worlds.

Thus, in regard to cultivation, the martial artists from the Upper World enjoyed far greater cultivation resources than the martial artists in the Lower World.

To the martial artists of the Upper World, the warriors from the Lower World were nothing more than country bumpkins that came from remote mountains. Only a few of them could advance to a very high level.

The Upper World certainly had its own advantage, but the martial artists in the Lower World also had their own unique advantages. For instance, the competition in the Lower World was less intense than that in the Upper World.

The martial artists from the Lower World would also avoid the Tribulation Flower at all costs, as it could increase the difficulty of tribulations. The Life and Death Realm warriors hoped that after surviving a few life and death tribulations, they would be able to enter the Soul Sea Realm. So they could not wish that the tribulations increased in difficulty.

On the other hand, for the martial artists of the Upper World, the Tribulation Flower was an absolute precious treasure. Even the value of a divine weapon would not match up to the value of the Tribulation Flower.

Zen was not willing to be confined to the small Lower World. So, in order to prepare himself to advance from the Virtual Tribulation Realm to the Life and Death Realm, he would have to build a solid and strong foundation.

However, the stronger a warrior was, the more difficult the Heavenly Tribulation the warrior would face. Since Letitia practiced the Sutra of Empyrean Goddess, her strength was far stronger than that of any other martial artists of the same level. Therefore, when Letitia broke through the Virtual Tribulation Realm and entered the Life and Death Realm, the small Heavenly Tribulation she suffered was unprecedentedly stronger. She even encountered rare nightmare tribulation.

Zen was only at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, and his strength was enough to fight against a powerful master of the Soul Sea Realm. If a powerful master of the Soul Sea Realm didn't use a domain to restrict Zen, he would become invincible in the great world.

If Zen wanted to advance to the Life and Death Realm, he had to face difficulties beyond imagination. Adding the effect of the Tribulation Flower, he might not be able to survive.

Zen looked at the Tribulation Flower. It was a beautifully shaped object. Without hesitation, he walked towards it, grabbed his Black Star pickaxe and smashed it.

An invisible force suddenly burst out from the Black Star pickaxe. Zen knew it was powerful and wondered if there was anything in the Upper World that could resist it. In this great world, however, nothing could resist it. The Law of Causality contained in his Black Star pickaxe was too powerful.


The Tribulation Flower suddenly shattered

eavenly Stellar Secret Land. In the future, we won't need Soul Cores anymore!" War Emperor York fell silent. This was all he could come up with to defend himself.

As the other powerful masters of the Soul Sea Realm kept on discussing, Zen suddenly stopped rolling on the floor and his body started emitting a stronger aura.

"What is happening? Thad's aura is getting stronger!" a mighty warrior of the Soul Sea Realm said.

"He pulled through and made it. Now his cultivation has reached the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm!" another master said.

"He actually made it at this critical stage… It is unbelievable!"

Zen's pain had disappeared and his life vitality had gathered in his lower abdomen and condensed to an unprecedented form. After being highly compressed, his life vitality which had been in the form of gas started to liquefy.

Only martial artists at the Life and Death Realm were able to condense their life vitality. In other words, now that Zen entered the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, he immediately started preparing himself to enter the Life and Death Realm.

The life vitality within Zen's cinnabar field continued to condense and it started to flow slower and slower.

For most Life and Death Realm martial artists, the condensation process of life vitality was extremely slow. Not only that but the condensed life vitality would flow just like water. However, as Zen's life vitality condensed, it actually became thicker and thicker, just like paste.

"It's getting harder for me to make the life vitality circulate! It seems like it's going to freeze…" Zen frowned while sitting on the ground.

The cyan dragon was shocked by what Zen said. "The life vitality is solidifying, this is so strange... I can't believe the life vitality started to solidify when you just broke through to the Life and Death Realm!"

Zen was in a state of confusion when he heard the cyan dragon's words, "Does life vitality solidify? What do you mean?"

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