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   Chapter 1167 Resign To Fate

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The other three divine kingdoms had always tolerated the York Divine Kingdom because of the secret sect and the little monster. But on the whole, the four great divine kingdoms had been harmonious with each other all these years as they were under the control of the humans of the Upper World. The whole Divine Kingdom Continent seemed like a joint force.

Now War King Wind lost his temper because he could no longer stand Lucien's behavior. Of course, it was also because of Fiona. He had figured out that she was actually very concerned about Zen.

"This time he must be really angry. He means serious business!"

"This is the second time. It's been a long time since the four divine kingdoms had a conflict..."

"Will War Emperor York take action?"

A wave of heat spread out around War King Wind; it looked like he was about to attack.

"Lucien, since you can't control the Black Star, you should give it back to Zen," suggested Turner calmly.

Scott also took a step forward and stood beside Turner. This time, nobody seemed to be standing on War Emperor York's side.

War Emperor York was outraged but he didn't return the Black Star to Zen. Instead, his figure flashed as he charged straight towards the pyramid.

He was unwilling to accept defeat.

Even if he couldn't control the Black Star, he had to try it out. After all, it was a supreme divine weapon. The pickax might be much stronger than a normal sacred weapon or divine weapon.

Seeing War Emperor York dashing towards the 45th layer, the three divine kingdom rulers just sighed. War King Wind said, "Forget it. If he's willing to give it a try, then let him."

War Emperor York entered through the narrow door on the 45th layer and fell onto a leaf.

There was a purple mineral-devouring bug resting on the leaf. When it noticed War Emperor York, it made two short creaking sounds and flapped its wings in preparation to pounce on him.

Even before the bug could approach War Emperor York, he struck out a fist. An invisible wave of the emperor's powerful energy blew the purple mineral-devouring bug away.

In the past, War Emperor York would be interested in capturing this bug. However, now that he had the Black Star, he couldn't be bothered.

After chasing the purple mineral-devouring bug away, he took two steps forward and raised the Black Star in his hand. He brought the pickax down ruthlessly as his eyes gleamed with determination!


Waves surged in the Soul Sea within his body. The power that his life vitality stimulated erupted i

mber's lifespan coming to an end? Does he need the life crystal to sustain his or her life?"

"I have no idea. He is not a member of the four divine kingdoms after all."

"I wonder if the Black Star can really penetrate that leaf..."

"I, too, have some doubts. Although the Black Star is known to be a supreme divine weapon, no one has ever seen its true power!"

The powerful Soul Sea Realm masters were discussing all this among themselves on the leaves, with anticipation in their eyes.

Basically, the top three layers of the mine tree were like three transparent treasure boxes! However, they hadn't been able to obtain the key to the treasure boxes for so many years. Now that the key had fallen into Zen's hands, everyone hoped that he would be able to open the boxes.

"This time, I'll definitely succeed!"

Zen's eyes flashed in excitement, and he lightly struck the blue leaf with the pickax in his hand.

He did not employ much power, but as he brandished his pickax, a mysterious force spread out! This was the power of the Law of Causality!


The Soul Sea Realm masters held their collective breaths.

The power was extremely simple but superior. The Soul Sea Realm masters could tell that they would never be able to fight it! The pickax seemed to be able to penetrate through everything.

The moment the Black Star struck the leaf, an invisible force field around the leaf cracked! This was the leaf's Law of Causality of absolute defense!

When the two Laws of Causality were pitted against each other, the Black Star's Law of Causality had the absolute advantage!

Therefore, when Zen barely tapped the leaf, it began to shatter layer by layer...

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