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   Chapter 1166 War King's Anger

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They weren't sure that the pickax in Zen's hand was the Black Star that had been sealed within the golden leaf.

War Emperor York was the first to react among them.

A divine-level talent of the York Divine Kingdom was quick to react. When he saw that many of the Soul Sea Realm warriors had zeroed in on Zen, he immediately sent Lucien a voice message through life vitality.

Lucien had his own suspicions when he saw the black pickax, but he couldn't be sure. He could not believe that Zen had retrieved the Black Star pickax. However, after the divine-level talent's reminder to him, his doubts were replaced by eagerness.

Before the many powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm could react, War Emperor York's figure flashed. Instantly, he was beside Zen.

He was so fast that by the time Turner and War King Wind realized what had happened, the pickax was already in his possession. A look of ecstasy crossed his face.

Zen stood on the edge of the pyramid and looked faintly at the overjoyed War Emperor York. He almost rolled his eyes.

He didn't resist War Emperor York. The pickax wouldn't have been taken away so easily from him if he had put up a fight. If Zen had used the power of the four thousand dragon scales, War Emperor York would have been unable to snatch the weapon from him.

However, there was a large chasm between Zen's strength and that of War Emperor York's. Zen didn't want to anger the ruler too much and force him to attack him.

In any case, the supreme divine weapon had already acknowledged Zen as its master. War Emperor York might have managed to get his hands on it, but it would be of no use to him.

"Black Star pickax! It's really Black Star pickax!" The War Emperor York's face betrayed a euphoric expression as he laughed out loud.

A lot of treasures were hidden within the leaves of the top three layers of the tree. Soul Core, in particular, was extremely critical to the four divine kingdoms. Up until now, they could only place their hopes on the mineral-devouring bugs, but those bugs rarely climbed up to the top to eat the ores.

If War Emperor York possessed the pickax, he would be able to mine the leaf at the top.

"Is it really the Black Star pickax?"

"How was it taken out?"

"Did Thad dig it out of the leaf on the thirty-fifth layer? How did he do it?""

Many of the powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm had tried to extract the Black Star pickax without success. It came as a shock to them that the pick was truly the Black Star. Some of them were just tongue-tied.

"Was it really Thad who dug it out?" War King Win


Should he just attack Zen?

Wind and Turner would never condone it. Threatening wouldn't work on Zen. After thinking for a while, he said, "Tell me the method to make the pickax recognize me as its master, and York Divine Kingdom will fulfill your wishes for the rest of your life! York Divine Kingdom can even groom you. We will spare no resources. All of the martial houses and secret training grounds will be open to you!"

Intimidating him would be of no use. The only option War Emperor York had was to tempt him.

Hearing this, Turner couldn't help but roll his eyes. Was Lucien foolish enough to think that Zen was born yesterday? Harlen Divine Kingdom could already give Zen whatever York Divine Kingdom promised him. There wouldn't be too much of a difference in resources. How could War Emperor York expect Zen to renounce a supreme divine weapon for what he was promising?

"Lucien, give it back to Zen," Turner said. "Since the Black Star pickax has already accepted its owner, we can get Zen to help us mine the Soul Cores."

"Humph, I, a dignified war emperor, need the help of a young fellow?" Lucien snorted, extremely reluctant to return the pickax.


Flames burst out from beneath the feet of the fuming War King Wind, each flame transforming into a nimble fire bird. The fire birds hovered around him. This was War King Wind's domain: the Firebird.

"You may not need Zen's help, but we do! All these years, we have tolerated you, while you have become more and more insufferable! I would rather leave this Black Star pickax in the hands of an outsider than let you have it! Lucien, return the Black Star pickax to Zen at once or we fight!"

This time, War King Wind was truly enraged.

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