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   Chapter 1165 The Feud

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War Emperor York did not want to argue with Zen.

He was a king and Zen was merely a Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior. It undermined his dignity to argue with the young man. He knew that he could not kill Zen with his own strength alone. Since the boy had stolen the little monster's power, he could transfer his power to other things as he pleased.

However, this was not something that didn't have a solution. Zen was on his territory now. War Emperor York could sever his connection with the great world easily. In his domain, he was the one who made the rules. Zen was only a sitting duck.

Turner frowned. He wanted to stop them before the situation got worse, but he hesitated to do so. He was calm and fair, but it looked like Thad was in the wrong here.

In the blink of an eye, War Emperor York drew himself closer to Zen.

However, before he could even touch Zen, a figure appeared in front of the young man. The newcomer wasn't Lord Randy, but Fiona.

She stood in front of Zen with a solemn expression, the jade bracelet around her arm quivering.

When Fiona rushed over to Zen, Callan too came to stand before Zen.

"Back off!"

War Emperor York roared. He was trying to hold in his temper knowing that Fiona was the princess of the Wind Divine Kingdom and Callan its prince. If they had been any other divine-level talents, regardless of which divine kingdom they came from, he would have killed them both then and there!

"Callan! Fiona! What are you doing?"

When War King Wind saw Callan and Fiona come to stand before Zen, he immediately became anxious. He did not know why his kids were getting involved when War Emperor York was in the midst of his infamous fury.

"Thad injured Fredric. He stood up for us. War Emperor York, instead of blaming Thad, you should have educated your son!" Fiona was a naive and romantic woman, but that didn't mean she was timid. On the contrary, it was because she was naive that she had an earnest attitude.

She considered Fredric to be in the wrong in this matter, which was why she spoke in such a righteous and reasonable manner in front of War Emperor York. But he didn't want to reason with her.

He had always wanted to get rid of Zen as soon as possible, and Fredric was his best excuse!

"Humph!" A force swept over Fiona and Callan with a flick of War Emperor York's hand. He wished to push them aside, but just as his power was about to reach them, War King Wind came to stand beside Fiona.

d, you did a good job. As long as I am here, no one will dare touch you. Otherwise, be sure that they will be courting death!"

The words were heartless and cold.

A smile crept across Zen's mouth as he nodded. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. I should thank you on behalf of Fiona." War King Wind sized Zen up. The more he looked him over, the more satisfied he was.

Zen did not want to extend his stay any longer. "I have to go and mine. Please excuse me," he said to Turner and War King Wind.

Zen had been holding onto the Black Star pickax, which had previously looked too ordinary from afar. It was just like a black hammer. However, when Zen turned around, the gazes of the Soul Sea Realm warriors latched on to the pickax in his hand. Lucien, Turner, War King Wind, and Scott all had puzzled expressions on their faces.

The pickax in Zen's hand seemed a bit familiar to them.

In fact, these leaders had studied the Black Star pickax numerous times and tried to extract it, so they all had deep impressions of it in their minds.

They had assumed that nobody could retrieve the Black Star pickax.

Who could do so, if they, the strongest Soul Sea Realm warriors, couldn't? So even though the pickax in Zen's hand looked familiar to them, they didn't immediately recognize it. Not in a hundred years would they have imagined that Zen would be able to get the Black Star pickax.

Lucien stared at the pickax gloomily. His eyes glistened as they landed on the three ten-star divine textures on its head. 'Black Star pickax? In Zen's hands?

What is going on?'

The other Soul Sea Realm warriors all wondered simultaneously.

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