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   Chapter 1164 Unique Law Of Causality

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The drop of blood fell on the Black Star pickaxe but did not seep into it. However, it did not fall down or get repelled by the pickaxe either.

It was slowly crawling on the pickaxe like a small insect.

"Will it work?" Zen stared at it nervously.

The drop of blood slowly slid from the top part of the pickaxe, moving all the way down. Zen's eyes followed it as it slowly inched downward.

As the drop of blood continued rolling downwards, Zen's heart began to sink. It didn't look like this was going to work.

He was starting to lose all hope when the drop of blood gently swayed and then suddenly split apart. It spread out on the pickaxe and then got completely absorbed in it!

"Huh! I succeeded?!" Zen was ecstatic!

Soon after, he felt like he had established some sort of connection with the Black Star pickaxe. It felt like the bond between flesh and blood.

Zen had experienced this feeling before. Back when he had condensed the sword spirit, he felt that his soul and that of the sword spirit were connected. But the difference here was that Lavender, the sword spirit, had her own soul and thoughts, while the Black Star pickax didn't have a mind of its own. Its consciousness was only used to identify its master, so it was a simpler form.

Buzz, buzz, buzz…

Suddenly a dazzling light burst out from the three divine textures on the Black Star pickaxe. It pierced right through Zen's life vitality and soared into the sky!

"What's happening in the pit?"

"Who knows? Who has the courage to go over and take a look? Obviously Thad did all this to keep us from finding out what he's up to. Now whoever goes there will be courting death!"

"I don't dare to go there. If I were to go over there, he would definitely kill me..."

The corpses of the divine-level talents, who had tried to take the Black Star pickaxe from Zen, served as reminders of what lay in store for those who dared to approach the pit.

After the light dissipated, Zen climbed out of the pit with the Black Star pickaxe and a smile on his face. In his mind, he was communicating with the cyan dragon, "Does this Black Star pickaxe have any special abilities?"

Zen didn't know what a supreme divine weapon could do, but judging from the fact that a mere semi-divine divine weapon like Fiona's jade bracelet was so powerful, he assumed that the supreme divine weapon would have extraordinary powers.

"The abilities of the Black Star pickaxe?" The cyan dragon replied, "This is a pickaxe. What abilities do you expect it to have? It can dig anything out."


Zen was stunned at these words. "Just this?"

"Isn't that enough? Don't look at it as a weapon. Though it's a pickaxe, it's an extraordinary one," added the cyan dragon.

Zen's heart sank. What the hell was this?

When he had seen the three ten-star divine textures on the Black Star pickax, he had high expectations from it. That wa

nary divine-level talent's soul was harmed, it would be a problem. However, for the crown prince of a divine kingdom, it was no big deal. The York Divine Kingdom's heritage was far beyond that of ordinary sects or noble clans. War Emperor York was just incensed that someone had dared to injure Fredric!

To put it bluntly, this Divine Kingdom Continent belonged to the four royal families of the four divine kingdoms. The entire continent was like the backyard of these four families. The crown prince of Liu Clan was knocked unconscious in his own backyard! Who on this continent dared to challenge the authority of the royal family?

When the War Emperor York asked the question, he already knew the answer. No one on the continent would dare to do so, except for Zen!

There still was a small possibility that it might not be him because Zen had a violent fight with him once and he spared Zen's life because Turner and several others persuaded him to spare his life. So he assumed Zen would not offend him further. And if he did, he knew he was inviting death.

A divine-level talent of the York Divine Kingdom looked at the furious War Emperor York and shuddered. He replied meekly, "Your Majesty, it's, it's Zen. His soul pressure did this to the crown prince!"

War Emperor York took a step forward and reached out to his son. He put his hand in Fredric's robes and removed a necklace. The ornament looked feminine. The gem in the necklace had been completely shattered and its color had faded. War Emperor York clenched his teeth as he looked at Zen and yelled, "Zen! Kneel down before me and await your death!"

Although this Heart Condensation Necklace was a top-grade sacred weapon, its value was equal to that of a semi-divine weapon. Now it was broken, and this made War Emperor York furious!

Standing at the edge of the pyramid, Zen blinked and said calmly, "If I really wanted to die, why would I kneel down in front of you?"

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