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   Chapter 1163 The Master Of The Black Star

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Every one of these divine-level talents was openly staring at Zen. They could hardly hide the greed in their eyes. But remembering the corpses lying in the crater vividly as if they were implanted in their minds, they held themselves in check.

Stealing the pickax in Zen's hand? That was not taking a risk at all. But instead, that was pure suicide!

Thus everyone decided that they could only keep a certain distance from him and watch from afar.

Zen quietly observed the Black Star in his hand. It was short in length, almost looking like a small hammer. He tried gauging its weight as he scanned its body for any markings. But no matter what he did, he still couldn't figure out why it ranked as a supreme divine weapon. He was completely clueless.

'Does this pickax need life vitality to activate?'

A strand of life vitality abruptly appeared in Zen's hand as he thought of this, and he poured it eagerly into the pickax.

Fundamentally, life vitality could easily invade a weapon. But he could faintly feel that this pickax was extremely resistant to life vitality.

'I should use my perception to explore it.'

Then he started utilizing his spiritual perception to scrutinize the divine weapon. But every time he came into contact with the Black Star, he was also being blocked out by an invisible force.

'Do I need to put a drop of my blood onto it so that I'll become its master?'

Zen blinked his eyes as he mused what to do next. Then he suddenly flicked his finger, causing a drop of blood to spurt out. He aimed it immediately at the pickax, but it missed, falling to its side. It seemed to him that the weapon had some invisible force, not allowing the blood to touch its surface.

"What?" he cried out, confused.

Inspecting the Black Star thoroughly, he couldn't help feeling as if he had entered a mountain of treasures but left empty-handed. There was nothing he could do about it.

Sighing helplessly, he casually gazed at the divine-level talents in the distance. No one dared to approach him at this time, and he couldn't count on a method from their mouths.

Just as Zen was at a loss, a faint voice resounded in his mind, "Ha-ha! Black Star. This is a supreme divine weapon. I knew that it was buried in the Earth Tree, but I didn't expect you to actually take it out." It was the voice of the cyan dragon.

"You're awake!" Surprise appeared on Zen's face. He had initially thought that the cyan dragon would be sleeping for a long time.

"I sensed this supreme divine weapon, so I woke up," said the cyan dragon in a voice that revealed a hint of exhaustion.

Zen was in frustration. But a sudden realization hit him as he listened to the cyan dragon's words. It seemed like he knew a lot about this mine as well as the Black Star. Glee was written all over Zen's face as he said, "I don't seem to be able to use this pickax."

The cyan dragon chuckled heartily and replied, "It will be strange if you can use a supreme div

e Black Star.

Indeed, if one were to draw these one-star divine textures in the opposite order, it would be equivalent to drawing the lines of these ten-star divine textures.

He had initially thought that the composition of a ten-star divine texture would be very complicated, but now it seemed that it was far from what he had imagined. The greatest truths were the simplest of all. They reached the same goal by different means.

"And now?" Zen asked.

"Use your life vitality to activate these one-star divine textures and then register them onto the pickax," the cyan dragon answered.

Following the instructions given by the cyan dragon, Zen carefully imprinted a one-star divine texture onto the pickax. The moment he did so, one of the three ten-star divine textures on the Black Star suddenly glowed with light.

Zen didn't ask anything more as he appreciated the soft glow. He continued to imprint the second divine texture onto it, and the third one after that.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The Black Star was finally activated!

A magnificent color appeared on the surface of the pickax, like a layer of oil being poured into water.

"So beautiful!" Zen praised.

"Don't celebrate so soon! Put a drop of your blood onto the pickax. But let me remind you, this is a supreme divine weapon. It has its own will and will judge its master, and not everyone can be recognized as a master by it," the cyan dragon explained.

"Hmm! Got it!" Zen nodded.

After working so hard for so long, even if he really couldn't become its master, Zen would accept it graciously. After all, he had done his best!

Like before, Zen flicked his finger, and a drop of blood fell towards the Black Star again.

He understood that if he really couldn't become its master, then that would be his fate. He was no longer in a position to control the situation, but amidst that, he still stared at the drop of blood with great anticipation and with a nervous expression on his face.

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