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   Chapter 1162 The Robbery

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The divine-level talents could not remain calm when they saw the Black Star despite knowing they were no match for Zen.

Several divine-level talents would easily take a risk to obtain even an ordinary divine weapon. This was a supreme divine weapon after all. Even if they had to pay for it with their lives, they would still try to take it because the temptation was just too much.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Seven to eight divine-level talents shot out from the leaves in the 36th layer. Although they would be pulled down by an invisible force after they left the leaves, they were able to adjust their direction to a certain degree the moment they left the leaves.

Of course, their target was the Black Star.

It wasn't just the warriors in the 36th layer, but the ones in the 37th layer also jumped down and joined in the fight for the Black Star.

The warriors in the 34th and 33rd layers were also waiting for the opportunity to take action. They were only waiting for the Black Star to fall before they would join the fray without hesitation.

When the golden leaf was destroyed by Zen, all the fragments, including Zen and the pickax, were thrown into the air by the force of gravity. The next moment, they were all pulled back down by an invisible force.

"Thad, be careful!" Randy, who stood on a leaf not far away, shouted out loud. He was still a fair distance away from Zen and was unable to reach him. All he could do from this distance was warn him. It was the same for Camilla and Fiona.

Zen's face darkened when he saw the warriors rushing towards him. He had spent a great deal of effort getting this pickax. These guys sure knew how to take advantage of things! However, it wasn't so easy to take advantage of Zen.

"You want to rob me? You're courting death!" Zen snorted derisively. Suddenly the soul pressure in his mind exploded.

When he had released his soul pressure earlier, he had reserved some of it. Otherwise, with his soul fused with the world's will, it would have been impossible for these Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors to even approach him.

The Black Star was extremely important to Zen. He simply would not tolerate people trying to snatch it!

Therefore, this time, Zen's soul pressure had erupted with full force.

He was falling extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, he had fallen from the 35th layer to the 20th layer with the Black Star and the fragments of the golden leaf in tow. This was not a short distance from where Randy, Fiona, an

as they were no match for him.

Meanwhile, the rings of light in the mine slowly faded away. Randy smiled and said, "Let's go out and take a closer look!"

After Randy took his step first, the other warriors also followed. They all jumped off the leaves and started falling down.

Bram, the crown prince of the Harlen Divine Kingdom, had a smile on his face. Zen had exceeded his expectations long ago, and he could keep doing it over and over again.

Previously, Bram had been insecure of Randy's strength and had started to suppress him. He had always held the absolute advantage, but now, because of Zen alone, Bram would probably be suppressed by Randy, and he wouldn't be able to turn the situation around.

However, in the end, Randy and Bram were brothers. Perhaps there was no need for them to compete against each other like this. Bram looked relieved, and he also left the leaf.

Everyone went back outside the pyramid while Zen stood nearby with the pickax in his hand. He was frowning slightly.

Zen couldn't figure out what material the pickax was made of. Even after he turned it in his hand over and over again and examined it closely, he still couldn't see anything special about it.

"Is this really the so-called supreme divine weapon? It doesn't look extraordinary at all!"

Whether it was the semi-divine weapon on Fiona's arm or Fredric's Heavenly Thunder Halberd, the momentum and might contained within them were incomparable to a normal sacred weapon.

Apart from its extremely tough material, Zen couldn't see how the Black Star was similar to a divine weapon. And this was not just a normal divine weapon; it was a supreme divine weapon.

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