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   Chapter 1160 Failed

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"How did Zen get injured? I haven't seen anyone attack him!"

"It is indeed very strange… What is going on with him?"

"I have seen similar things before. When a martial artist absorbs too much power that his body is unable to withstand it, this is what happens! But Zen's body is so strong. What kind of power would make this happen to him?"

Zen gasped heavily, his expression betraying nothing. His body was on the verge of collapse. If he continued to increase the power of the dragon scales, his physical body might not be able to hold out against the strong pressure.

Had the power of five thousand dragon scales touched his limits?

He took another step forward with great difficulty. Even though he had entered into a state of forgetting himself and couldn't feel the pain in his body from the pressure of this immense power, he was still a horrible sight to look at.

'Do I need to activate the power of six thousand dragon scales?'

he wondered, a look of hesitation appearing on his face. However, he quickly gave up on this idea. Even though he had only taken one step forward, three to four blood arrows shot out from his body…

'Let me try this out with five thousand dragon scales.'

Since he had already reached his limit, Zen wasn't foolish enough to try to activate the power of six thousand dragon scales. If his physical body really collapsed, no one would be able to save him.

Zen spread out his legs, his toes pointed and buttocks clenched. He stood firmly on the golden leaf, right above the spot where the pickaxe was located. Slowly, he clenched his fists.

"Puff! Puff! Puff…"

The power within Zen's body drifted into his arms, each of the pulses in his arms bulging out like little snakes. At the same time, blood arrows continued to erupt from his skin. In an instant, the sleeves on his arms had been torn apart by the blood arrows.

Even so, he gritted his teeth and slowly raised his fist.

Zen didn't dare use his life vitality or forceful energy. Now that Zen's body had been thoroughly activated to its limits, it could be that just a little more strength would be enough to disintegrate his body and cause his body to explode.

'Let me release all the power!'

Zen's fist landed on the light golden leaf with a profound impact.

The speed of his strike wasn't fast. Since it contained such formidable power, he didn't need to increase the speed to boost his power…

As his fist approached the leaf, the immense force from his body began to pour out onto it.

Zen's body too began to shrink rapidly at this moment. Moments ago, his physical

d to see Yan again, he would need to practice tens of thousands of times harder than others.

That was also one of Zen's goals.

Zen knew that if he advanced steadily, there would still be a long way to go in his life. There was a lot of time for him to grow, but Zen could not afford to waste a single second. He had to grow as fast as possible and challenge every peak he faced until he once again stood in front of that young man.

Zen would not give up in the face of the light golden leaf and the Black Star pickaxe sealed within it.

"Thank you!"

Zen said faintly, pouring his life vitality into his voice.

He said this to Randy, Fiona and Camilla who had been so kind to offer their help.

Zen sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes once again, trying to think of a way to break the leaf beneath his feet.

His physical body was unable to withstand any more power. It seemed like a predicament with no solution in sight.

Time passed by. The warriors on the leaves stared fixedly at Zen. The scene was dull as Zen now sat still doing nothing, but every martial artist seemed to harbor a lot of patience. It felt like a movie where the climax was incoming, although for the moment it was uninteresting. The audience still waited with bated breaths. They wanted to know what kind of solution Zen would come up with.

"There is no solution. He can't make it!"

"For over ten thousand years, the powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm have received many ideas to solve this problem. They tried every possible way they could think of! None of them ever succeeded!"

"It's true that Thad is a rare genius, but every warrior who has reached the Soul Sea Realm is the best among all," another spectator commented.

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