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   Chapter 1159 Blood Arrows

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Under the fearful gazes of so many divine-level talents, Zen began climbing up the pyramid. He stopped at the 35th floor.

"Why is he going to the 35th floor?"

"I don't know... But he seems to be going towards that narrow door!"

"The golden leaf? His target is the Black Star pickaxe? It's a vain attempt. Does he have a way to take it out?"

A warrior who entered the special narrow door on the 35th floor would land at the middle of the tree, also the place where the golden leaf was. And within that leaf was a supreme divine weapon.

This piece of information had been obtained from the Feather Holy Sea a long time ago, which meant that most of the martial artists in the four divine kingdoms were very clear on this.

Everyone knew that there was a supreme divine weapon on the 35th floor, and it was a very strange pickaxe. But no one had been able to take it out.

For so many years, many powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm had used many methods. But none of them had been able to break the light golden leaf and obtain the Black Star pickaxe.

Zen, on the other hand, had just entered the 35th floor with full swagger. Could it be that he knew a way to break the light golden leaf?

Zen had previously given the crowd the impression that he was capable of everything, which was why they had instinctively thought that it was possible for Zen to get the Black Star pickaxe. But it was a while before they shook their heads in denial, after considering the toughness of the job.

"It is impossible! If it were that easy to get the Black Star pickaxe, the powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm would have obtained it a long time ago!"

"Yes, you're right. I guess that Thad is only trying it out there. But a supreme divine weapon is not ordinary. He can't take it away!"

"This guy's brute force is very strong, but he has only managed to injure War Emperor York. He might not stand a chance to take out the Black Star pickaxe unless his strength increases tenfold!"

As the crowd discussed Zen's move among themselves, a few curious warriors even began climbing up the pyramid. The 35th floor was a bit dangerous for divine-level talents, but if they were to encounter the green mineral-devouring bugs, they could still escape in time. And as long as they didn't run into the purple mineral-devouring bugs, there wouldn't be any danger. The purple mineral-devouring bugs would usually stay on the 40th floor or above, and so far, only Zen had been able to attract them away from there once. So they thought it would be okay for them to go up there.

Many martial artists entered the narrow doors on the 35th floor, as well as the doors below.

And because only one warrior could pass through a narrow door at a time, a few brave ones even entered the

troy the golden leaf with a combined attack, Zen assumed that he probably wouldn't be able to break open the leaf with just the power of four thousand dragon scales.

'Five thousand!'

Zen didn't hesitate and continued to summon the power of more dragon scales.

But Zen's body was wracked with unbearable pain as the power of the five thousand dragon scales erupted. The pain came from every cell in Zen's body, and the intensity was outrageous. This was unbearable!

'The state of forgetting myself!' An idea suddenly struck him.

Zen had employed a technique he had previously used. In the state of forgetting himself, Zen could temporarily forget about the pain of his body. In this state, it was as if it wasn't his body that was suffering the pain, but someone else's.

The state of forgetting oneself, however, had its pros and cons, because pain was beneficial to the human body in some aspect. When pain came from the body, it was a signal to tell you that it was overloaded or that there was something wrong with it.

If one couldn't feel the pain, it would only cause more damage to one's body.

But right now, Zen had no choice. Since he had already made his decision, he would go all out.

The power of five thousand dragon scales surged into Zen's body. As every part of his body had swelled to the limit. The cracking sounds stopped, but in the next moment, a wound suddenly appeared on Zen's chest.

The sound of ripping cloth rent the air.

A stream of blood burst out from Zen's chest like a blood arrow shooting out, cutting open his clothes. Zen's chest had been ripped open by the immense force, and blood was gushing out at an alarming rate, tearing his clothes to shreds.

"Pa!" "Pa!" "Pa!" "Pa!"

Soon after, blood arrows shot out from Zen's back, legs, and shoulders, to everyone's utter astonishment and shock.

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