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   Chapter 1158 Time To Mine

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In that moment, Fredric's nerves were also stretched taut. How could he not understand the arithmetic that Zen was talking about?

The value of the Heavenly Thunder Halberd was simply impossible to measure within the four divine kingdoms.

In the Upper World, perhaps the halberd was only worth several hundred thousand supreme life vitality crystals. But in the Lower World, no one could afford to buy it. All semi-divine weapons were priceless.

The last time Fredric had used a halberd to protect himself, it had made his heart ache. Now he was going to use the last halberd against Zen.


The surface of the halberd had a circular red rune and emitted fragmented lightning. As long as he lightly pressed his finger on the rune, the activated halberd would keep shooting.

His fingers were trembling. The pressure that Zen had on him was too great, to the point that he was beginning to lose consciousness.

And right now, he really wanted to give up. He feared Zen instinctively. His instinct constantly reminded him that he should not go against this man because he was not someone he could afford to offend.

However, another voice sounded out, "Kill him! Even if you have to use a halberd to kill him, it will be worth it. Your father will reward you generously."

Blood pumped furiously from his heart to his veins. His eyes became bloodshot as his finger pressed down on the rune on the halberd.

A rumble sounded and

a shrill whistling sound emanated from the short halberd. It was extremely unpleasant to the ears.

This was the sound of the lightning channeling through the body of the halberd. A gigantic bolt of lightning abruptly burst forth from the halberd's front.

"Go to hell! Bastard!" shouted Fredric loudly. He refused to swallow his pride, so he refused to yield to Zen.

Although his voice was drowned out by the thunderous roar, Zen was still able to clearly hear him.

Zen smiled.

In the blink of an eye, his entire body was covered by a thick bolt of lightning.

This huge wave of lightning energy was like a river as it surged towards Zen and extended far into the distance.


Every divine-level talent was blinded by the dazzling light.

The thick bolt of lightning destroyed everything in its way as it rushed towards the vast Feather Holy Sea. There were still a few faint golden lights on the surface of the Feath

th his strength alone. The gap was no longer just one realm, but two realms, even though Zen was only in the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

"He fainted," Zen said with a smile. "Let's wait for him to wake up."

Fiona let out a light breath and said, "There's no need. It's only 9, 000 life vitality crystals."

It was a massive sum of money for Callan. Fiona was angry that her little brother had been tricked by Fredric and she just couldn't tolerate the insult. But when it came to true value, 9, 000 supreme life vitality crystals were nothing at all.

Fredric had also paid a heavy price for those life vitality crystals. The Heavenly Thunder Halberd that he had used moments ago had an immeasurable value.

Now, Fiona began to worry about Zen. He had already angered War Emperor York. If War Emperor York came to the Feather Emperor Secret Land, would he directly attack Zen? If it really came to that, she would help Zen.

If she stood out, her father would definitely support her. She had now made up her mind.

"It's time to mine!"

And as quickly as that, Zen put this matter at the back of his mind. He still had work to do. After absorbing so much heavenly essence and igniting over 10, 000 dragon scales, he was to smash the golden leaf to pieces, take out the Black Star, and then move on to the top of the mine tree.

But this was what he had assumed would happen. What would most likely happen was that he wouldn't be able to break open the golden leaf, and as a result, wouldn't be able to take out the pickax, which was a supreme divine weapon.

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