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   Chapter 1157 Are You An Idiot

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Ever since he entered the Feather Holy Sea, Fredric had been facing conflicts with Zen.

The York Divine Kingdom already had an irreconcilable conflict with him. Both Marine and War Emperor York wanted to eliminate Zen as soon as possible.

However, Fredric also knew that the difference between his strength and Zen's own was too great, so he tried his best to endure these small conflicts. In Fredric's eyes, Zen would be easily killed by his father when he left the secret land.

But Fredric was still the crown prince of the York Divine Kingdom after all. Moreover, he was the most outstanding one of the four crown princes among the divine kingdoms.

There was a limit to his tolerance. He had already tried his best to tolerate Zen, but Zen was too arrogant. How could Fredric endure it?

An indescribable rage rushed straight to his head.

If it were anyone else, Fredric would have already launched an attack, even against someone like the little monster. However, thinking about Zen's almost abnormal strength, Fredric gritted his teeth and held back the impulse to attack him. "What if I don't? What is it that you want? You want to fight me?"

"No. I won't dare attack you, and there is no need to do so!" Zen smiled as a trace of indifference appeared in his eyes. At the same time, a formless soul pressure slowly exuded from him.

Zen's soul was close to the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm. The soul pressure he emanated was enough to frighten the divine-level talents, including Fredric. Moreover, Zen's soul had fused with the will of the world.

Due to the rising conflict between the two of them, many warriors who had left the mine didn't return to the pyramid. Instead, they watched the fight from the sidelines.

Most of them knew that even if there was a conflict between Fredric and Zen, it would be foolish of them to step in and take action.

The reason for this was simple. Zen was able to survive the attack of War Emperor York unharmed. In other words, a Soul Sea Realm master couldn't do anything to Zen if he didn't activate his domain.

Which meant also that no warrior below the Soul Sea Realm could harm Zen.

He would not dare make a move against Fredric either. He had already offended the York Divine Kingdom to a great extent.

If Zen were to fight against Fredric here and injure or even kill him, War Emperor York would definitely not let him off the hook once he arrived at the Feather Emperor Secret Land to retrieve the Soul Core.

Everyone was only here to watch the show.

However, as Zen released his soul pressure, the expressions on the faces of the divine-level talents instantly changed.

The aura released by Zen's soul was not inferior t

n irresistible stateliness.

Fiona's eyes lit up when she heard Zen's words. On one hand, she was grateful that Zen had helped her and her brother out. On the other hand, his words awakened something in her.

She had always been doted upon by her father, the emperor of Wind Divine Kingdom, which was why she was so innocent and elegant, even willful. But even though her father was the emperor of a divine kingdom, he was not bound to protect her forever. Her future could be very different. Perhaps she should reconsider her life goal.

Zen didn't care about the 9, 000 supreme life vitality crystals. He had already accumulated a massive amount of life vitality crystals just from selling the ores.

Of course, Fredric didn't care about these 9, 000 supreme life vitality crystals either. If he really returned them, it would mean that he was afraid of Zen, and that was the last thing he wanted.

Therefore, even though Zen's words were well-founded, Fredric refused his suggestion. The life vitality in his hand suddenly flashed, purple lightning wrapping itself around the Heavenly Thunder Halberd.

The runes on the Heavenly Thunder Halberd began gleaming continuously. Clearly, these were activated by Fredric.

The martial artists gaped at the scene, their expressions changing instantly. Many of them had witnessed firsthand the power of the Heavenly Thunder Halberd before. In a mere instant, it had killed many ghosts. The Heavenly Thunder Halberd was comparable to a Soul Sea Realm warrior's attack.

Many warriors retreated. Camilla, Fiona, Callan, and the others distanced themselves from Zen. Even if they didn't die, they could still be severely wounded by the power of the Heavenly Thunder Halberd.

"Alas! What an idiot!" Zen sighed softly and took another step toward Fredric.

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