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   Chapter 1156 Dispute

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Callan didn't understand why Zen had asked such a question. In any case, he replied in a stiff voice, "I didn't dig it out myself. Fredric sold it to me. Is there something wrong?"

As Fiona heard Fredric's name, she also frowned. Of the four crown princes of the four divine kingdoms, only Callan, who was her younger brother, was honest and simple-minded. She didn't like the other three, especially Fredric, who was the crown prince of the York Divine Kingdom. He was at the bottom of her list of likable men. He was extremely cunning and vicious. Although Fiona hadn't seen him many times, he had left a bad impression on her.

Thus, Fiona immediately asked, "How many life vitality crystals did you spend buying it?"

Callan replied, "Nine thousand."

The mentioned life vitality crystals were naturally supreme life vitality crystals.

Nine thousand supreme life vitality crystals was not a small number even for a crown prince. It might very well have been more than half of Callan's savings.

Fiona took the Black Heart Fire Stone from Callan's hand and frowned. Something didn't seem right.

Seeing his sister's expression, Callan opened his mouth and told her, "Fiona, they demonstrated to me that this ore can withstand fire. They said that after refining it, it would be able to greatly consolidate the purity of one's flames!"

As Callan's voice fell, a wisp of flame rose from Fiona's hand. She was going to test the stone. Although the flame in her hand wasn't large, the temperature was extremely high and it was hot beyond imagination. The power of the third layer of Fire Law wasn't a joke.

Under the heat of this pure flame, a crackling sound came from the Black Heart Fire Stone. Cracks immediately erupted from the exquisite clouds of fire on the stone as it began to melt under the immense heat and pressure.

In the blink of an eye, the entire stone was incinerated into fragments.

Callan's eyes became wide open as he blankly stared at these fragments. His face filled with disbelief. His strength might not have been as great as Fiona's, but he had also cultivated the third layer of the Fire Law. Before buying the stone, he had also used his own fire to try and burn it, and even after giving it a flame for several minutes, he was unable to burn it down. But how had Fiona turned the stone into fragments?

At this time, Callan also understood that he had been deceived.

Zen and Camilla thought that Fredric must have used some tricks to fool Callan. Callan was a dull and honest person, and it wasn't going to be difficult to fool him.

Fiona's gaze was calm, but her face looked extremely frosty. She had an amiable personality and never liked to argue with anyone, but she was simply not going to allow anyone to deceive her brother!

At this moment, the ring of light on the side of the pyramid slightly flickered. Fredric, carrying a pickax, came out from the mine. Once he was outside, the rings of light flashed one after the other and some of his followers also cam

re Fredric himself could say anything, the divine-level talents who followed him began clamoring.

In the four divine kingdoms, the power of the warriors was something that every commoner aspired for but could never attain. As for the warriors themselves, the power of the imperial family members was something they could imagine of, think of, and try to achieve, but never succeed in reaching.

This sort of narrow-minded thinking had been built up over thousands and thousands of years in the four divine kingdoms. Zen, however, didn't give a damn about it.

To put it bluntly, the establishment of a divine kingdom depended on one's own strength. If a divine kingdom's imperial family members lost their strength, then the divine kingdom would automatically be in extreme danger. And since there were no Soul Sea Realm masters among this lot, Zen could beat every single one of these divine-level talents with his strength. As a result, he didn't show Fredric the slightest respect.

So what if Fredric was the crown prince of the York Divine Kingdom? Zen still had the Harlen Divine Kingdom backing him up. What was more, Zen was helping Fiona and Callan. Behind them stood the Wind Divine Kingdom. In other words, it was two whole divine kingdoms along with Zen against one.

"You guys talk too much nonsense!" Zen sneered. His eyes fell on Fredric. "I will only say this once. Return the life vitality crystals to Callan and this matter will be over. Do not embarrass yourself!"

The moment he said this, Fredric's expression immediately turned extremely dark.

Perhaps Fiona was very strong, but Fredric wasn't too afraid of her. In his mind, one of the siblings from the Huo Clan was stupid and the other was too naive. He could beat them both.

But now, Zen was standing up for them too.

If Zen was a bit more polite, Fredric might have given in, but his words were too unpleasant to listen to. If he gave in right now in front of Zen, then everyone would believe that he was afraid of him.

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