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   Chapter 1155 Black Heart Fire Stone

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Fiona was in close proximity to Zen and kept on releasing the Purification Fire, slowly pushing the flame into his body.

Zen could see the seriousness etched on her face.

He didn't have any desire towards her while his thoughts were being purified by the Purification Fire. His mind had entered a very strange state, in which he was able to appreciate the princess of the Wind Divine Kingdom with an extremely pure mind.

Fiona's skin was white as snow, her eyes pitch black and deep. Her eyelashes were constantly trembling, and her hair that was appropriately draped over her shoulders was like a beautiful piece of art.

But as she became aware of Zen's intense gaze upon her, Fiona suddenly felt shy. Her fair cheeks blushed crimson and her fingers trembled. The Purification Fire in her hand pulsed continuously as if it was beating at the same rate as her heart.

Fortunately, her Purification Fire wouldn't hurt anyone, and it wouldn't burn Zen even when it randomly jumped about.

After Zen had smelted the weapons and absorbed a considerable amount of the heavenly essence, the curse power within the weapons had also been absorbed by him. And the amount of this curse power that gathered within him was quite large.

Although the purification ability of her Purification Fire was extraordinary, it still required extreme control over the Fire Law on her part. Even if she had comprehended the third layer of the Fire Law, she could only turn her life vitality into the Purification Fire that was only as thick as a thumb. And it would still take a lot of time to cleanse all the curse power within Zen's body with her Purification Fire.

But the curse power that Zen had absorbed did begin to dissipate under the effect of the Purification Fire. An hour or so later, fine beads of sweat began to form on Fiona's forehead while the curse power emanating from Zen's body became weaker and weaker.

"Ah-ha! It's done!" Fiona let out a long breath as her face split into a wide, comfortable grin.

Even after Fiona had extinguished the Purification Fire, Zen's gaze remained fixed on her. He had entered a truly wondrous state of mind during this hour.

In Zen's opinion, there were many other uses of Fiona's Purification Fire in addition to expelling the curse power. For example, if a warrior could not calm down while cultivating, it would often result in a lot of distracting thoughts. Her Purification Fire, however, could remove all these distracting thoughts.

And when Zen had been staring at Fiona for an hour without any distracting thoughts, her face had been deeply imprinted in his mind.

Following this, a v

e is this?" Fiona blinked and stared curiously at it.

The siblings of the Huo Clan didn't understand much about ores. Fiona's curiosity was piqued even further as she saw Callan's excitement.

Zen also stared at the ore in bewilderment. He didn't see anything special about it other than its unique shape. The clouds of fire were distributed in such a regular pattern that they were most likely carved by hand.

Although Zen himself did not have the ability to identify ores, with his instincts and perception, he could probably distinguish between the good and the bad. And though some of the ores that he had given Camilla were normal ores, more than 70% of them were considered very rare.

"This is the Black Heart Fire Stone! It is extremely useful for a warrior that cultivates the Fire Law. Fiona, this is for you!" Callan said with a wide smile.

Zen's expression twisted even more. Camilla blinked several times before asking, "Black Heart Fire Stone? How come I've never heard of this type of ore before?"

There were over a thousand types of ores in the mine and Camilla could recognize almost all of them. But she had never heard of the Black Heart Fire Stone.

She gazed at the stone in Callan's hand. A whirl of thoughts went through her mind. 'Callan is a simple and honest person. It would be alright if he had dug up this stone by himself. But it would be a huge loss if he had obtained it from someone else. He might have been deceived by someone.'

Thinking of this, Camilla used her life vitality to explain her thoughts to Zen.

Zen had had his suspicions and Camilla's analysis basically confirmed them. He asked, "Prince Callan, did you excavate this Black Heart Fire Stone yourself, or did you exchange it with someone else?"

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