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   Chapter 1154 Purification Fire

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Now if Zen unleashed his strength fully, even if a powerful master at the Soul Sea Realm activated his protective life vitality to the maximum, he still wouldn't be able to withstand a punch by the former.

However, that did not mean Zen was completely invincible. He was still going to be unable to defeat a mighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm. After all, the strength of warriors who were at the peak of the Soul Sea Realm was calculated not only by their physical strength. Their speed, martial arts, cultivation methods, and mastery of laws were all better than Zen and they could defeat him.

Zen's mind right now was focused on the golden leaf, and he was going to use his own strength to smash it open so he could take out the Black Star pickax!

Thinking of this, Zen wanted to test the limits of his physical body.

Thus, he began to gather the power of the dragon scales. However, just as he was about to pour the power of the dragon scales into his body, he suddenly heard Fiona shout from not too f

flame is this?" As Zen stared at the milky white flame, a stunned expression appeared on his face and he couldn't help asking.

"This is the Purification Fire that can purify everything," Fiona replied and slowly pushed the flame towards Zen.

When it touched his body, Zen didn't feel any heat. On the contrary, he actually felt a chill being emanated from it.

Zen found it miraculous that such a flame existed in this world, but as the chilling sensation continuously came to him, Zen's mind became abnormally pure!

That didn't mean he was losing his mind. Fiona's Purification Fire could not only purify the power of the curses, it could also purify all distracting and evil thoughts, as well as the ill intentions of all living beings. Of course, any normal person would have distracting thoughts throughout his life time. But when the Purification Fire was inside a person's body, his distracting thoughts would be temporarily cleansed. Once it left his body, his mind would return to its previous self.

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