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   Chapter 1153 Lighting Up Scales

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The warriors passed Fiona and Zen, speaking to one another in hushed speculations.

"Don't you think it's strange? The princess of the Wind Divine Kingdom seems to always be following Zen."

"Who knows why? I have no clue. When the two of them were at the West Dragon River, she even offered to lend Zen her very own semi-divine weapon..."

"Zen has such great luck. Imagine—a princess, taking a fancy on a mere warrior. Even death would be worth it!"

The divine-level talents talked amongst themselves, gushing praises and words of adoration about Fiona. They kept their voices muffled, so as not to let words escape their circle.

As they continued walking along the straight path for about two or three miles, an endless wall appeared in front of them. It towered over them in an undistinguishable shape, becoming clearer and clearer as they neared it: the carved lines turned and twisted to form a dragon.

Its long body was coiling, with the head and tail as pillars of the entrance to the armory.

They entered the dragon-shaped fence, and numerous warehouses came into view. A few divine-level talents were walking to-and-fro from them.

As they surveyed the area, Fiona suddenly took off to the direction of one of the warehouses. "Those weapons should be displayed in the warehouses," she said, entering.

Zen followed closely behind her, his eyes roaming around the room until his gaze landed on the large boxes inside.

Pure, untainted copper gleamed against the light. These were no ordinary boxes—their surface having undergone special treatment. There was no trace of rust on surfaces that shone with a brass glow, as if they had been lying there untouched.

The tell-tale signs of activity were everywhere: most of the lids had been lifted and moved, and weapons scattered across the floor. There were many others who had been there before.

"These weapons..."

At first glance, one would think that the weapons were new and unused in their almost-perfect condition.

However, upon closer look, curls of faint, black smoke came out of the weapons.

"What a strong curse," Fiona remarked, slowly walking over and picking up a weapon. It was an exquisite short spear, a mid-grade fairy weapon. She shook the spear lightly, and wisps of black smoke escaped from it.

Zen looked at the weapons, unconcerned about the curses contained in them. What mattered to him more was whether or not he could extract the heavenly essence from within them.

As Fiona observed the spear, Zen walked further into the depths of the warehouse. Copper boxes, like the ones they saw before lined both sides in a neat line. All of the boxes were opened, and the weapons, once neatly placed inside, were now in a wild disarray.

These weapons had not been taken away by

be keeping even more valuable ones. If he was able to find top-grade fairy weapons and sacred weapons, they would yield a much higher amount of heavenly essence.

He had come across a treasure chest, like a bird flying into a giant granary. Zen devoured the heavenly essences from the weapons continuously.

After refining the large sabers in one copper box, the black flame gently drifted away and drilled into another. It pierced through the box, creating a small hole in the two-inch thick copper. At once, it began its work, melting the weapons until the heavenly essence had been extracted.

Wolf fang hammers were in the next box. They were also mid-grade fairy weapons like the large sabers, but each wolf fang hammer produced more heavenly essence due to its heftier bulk.

One box went on to become two, then three, then four, then five copper boxes...

The black flame ransacked the boxes for all of the mid-grade fairy weapons. Soon, there were only ashes in the space that used to be filled with swords, spears, and hammers. As of this moment, Zen had absorbed about sixty to seventy thousand drops of heavenly essence.

The cyan dragon's scales lit up. Zen looked at the green light, a smile appearing on his face once more. The cyan dragon was still in slumber. Both he and the red dragon seemed to be exhausted after helping Zen resist the little monster's attack. Even now, they had not woken up. The cyan dragon might find a surprise waiting for him when he woke up.

"I have already lit up a total of fourteen thousand dragon scales..."

The power of one thousand dragon scales would equal the full force of a Soul Sea Realm master.

What would happen if the power of fourteen thousand dragon scales was released? The power might be unfathomable. Even Zen, with his sacred weapon body, might not be able to withstand its intensity.

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