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   Chapter 1151 Life Crystal

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The Feather Emperor Secret Land was actually named after a famous weapon refiner on this island. The entire Feather Emperor Island had been a place of mining and weapon refining in the past. This could be considered an arsenal of the Dragon Lineage Human.

Back when the Dragon Lineage Human had been defeated, the members of the Dragon Lineage Human living on the Feather Emperor Island had been unable to destroy such a great number of weapons. But they didn't want them to fall into the hands of the humans, so they cast irreversible curses on the weapons.

These curses could not be removed, and the weapons that had been cursed could not be used. So for these divine-level talents, they had become trash.

But there were way too many of these weapons, ranging from low-grade mysterious weapons and spiritual weapons to fairy weapons and sacred weapons. And there were probably several million of them. But there were a few that had escaped the curses and stayed unaffected by them.

If anyone could find sacred weapons that had been spared by the curses, it would definitely be a huge advantage and work for them at a profit.

But it was highly improbable that one could find weapons that didn't have curses on them, which was why the divine-level talents referred to the process of searching for them as 'scavenging through garbage'.

A section of the divine-level talents had given up mining and had instead gone to the arsenal to scavenge for weapons. However, a majority of the martial artists still thought that it would be more worthwhile to mine earnestly in the pyramid. But now that Zen had brought the purple mineral-devouring bugs down to the lower floors, they didn't want to go into the pyramid. Mining might bring them some benefits, but no one was willing to lose their lives.

"I see," Zen said, nodding. He had no interest in picking up trash, so he decided to enter the pyramid.

Callan and Fiona also decided not to pick up trash for the moment. Even Fredric, Bram, and the other crown princes of the divine kingdoms hadn't gone either. Given their status, even top-grade sacred weapons wouldn't pique their interest, aside from semi-divine and divine weapons.

They chose to stay out of the pyramid to keep themselves from danger. The warriors who stayed all looked at Zen.

Zen didn't care what others thought of him. But he had attracted the purple mineral-devouring bugs down to the lower floors, which had scared Callan and Fiona out of the pyramid. Zen then said to them, "If those purple mineral-devouring bugs return to the upper floors, I'll come out and inform you."

Fiona wasn't very interested in mining and she had only entered the pyramid three times. Most of the time, she just sat in a corner and watched Zen go in and out of the pyramid.

Fiona wanted to advise Zen against entering the pyramid, but after some thought, she decided not to say anything. Like Randy, she also knew that she couldn't dissuade Zen from entering the pyramid.

But Fredric, Bram, and several others became slightly happy at Zen's words. After

ry time and they always appeared in even numbers, like ten, twelve, or fourteen of them in a circle. A life stone should be a kind of fascicled material and would appear in a cluster every time.

The ores before Zen's eyes were also in the form of a circle. But the surface of these ores was translucent. Zen looked through the leaf and through the translucent outer shells of the ores. To his surprise, he found crystals floating inside them.

'These also have life energy! And it's so rich and strong!' The more closely Zen looked at them, the more he felt the power of the life energy. It didn't matter that Zen was observing them through the thick leaf. He could still feel the full force of the life energy.

Once a life stone was crushed, only a small amount of life energy could be released. They usually contained tiny amounts of life energy.

However, the stones before him right now were different. Just a single one of them probably contained a thousand times more life energy than a life stone would normally have. That was to say, probably one such stone would be enough to completely restore Letitia.

Seeing these small stones made Zen appreciate the marvelous things that Creator had made. And at the same time, he became very excited.

'One, I only want one of them! I'll be happy even if I can take just one of them out!' Zen thought. His gaze was firmly locked on the stones on the ground beneath his feet.

The problem was that the ten leaves on the forty-fifth floor, the six leaves on the forty-sixth floor, and the three leaves on the forty-seventh floor had never been broken by any one. Not even the most powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm in the four divine kingdoms had been able to move them. The four divine kingdoms had probably tried to seek help from the human race in the Upper World through the Reverse Spirit Channel. But they still hadn't been able to deal with them.

The brutal truth was that even though Zen only wanted to take one of them, it would still be as difficult as reaching the heavens!

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