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   Chapter 1150 Scavenging Through Garbage

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These level eleven beasts really were so much more powerful than Zen had imagined. He was fortunate enough because with his high speed, he was able to get rid of the purple mineral-devouring bugs. Jumping away, he fell straight into the ring of light at the bottom of the tree. The moment his feet touched the ring, he was worried that the bugs would chase after him and exit the pyramid in their pursuit. If they really managed to come out of the pyramid, how were the Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors going to fight against them?

Thankfully, the bugs were unable to catch up to Zen, and when they discovered that there were a few other humans digging on the tree, they surged towards them like a tornado.

Callan was completely immersed in mining in the 27th layer when he suddenly heard loud noises. He raised his head and his expression immediately changed.

"Wh-what the hell are those things?" He blankly stared at those large purple-colored bugs which were rushing down rapidly.

"Ahhhh! Help! Help me!" Not too far away from Callan, a divine-level talent was cau

you not to enter the pyramid again, Thad. The 40th layer is too dangerous. If you get surrounded by five or six purple mineral-devouring bugs, then I'm afraid you won't be able to escape either!" Randy advised.

Zen shook his head slightly without any hint of hesitation on his face. No matter how dangerous it was inside the pyramid, he simply had to go in!

Randy also knew that Zen was stubborn. He couldn't persuade him, so he said nothing more.

"Why were they talking about scavenging through garbage? What were they talking about?" Zen asked Randy before he ventured inside again.

"Scavenging through garbage?" Randy smiled. "They are going to scavenge through the trash of this place to find some weapons which were not cursed. Perhaps they'll do so in the abandoned arsenal. This place is known as the Feather Emperor Secret Land. It was originally a mine belonging to the Dragon Lineage Human. There were numerous weapon refiners of the Dragon Lineage Human who once came to this island to refine weapons. Among them, the most famous one is the Feather Emperor."

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