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   Chapter 1149 Purple Mineral-devouring Bugs

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From the 45th floor upwards, the hardness of all the leaves had reached an unimaginable level. Even a powerful master of the Soul Sea Realm couldn't do anything about them. Perhaps even a warrior who was stronger than a powerful master of the Soul Sea Realm wouldn't be able to break them either.

After seizing the Feather Holy Sea, the four divine kingdoms had obtained a great deal of legacies from the four secret lands. Among them were a few ancient books that explained how the leaves from the top floor could only be broken by the Black Star pickax that was kept in the golden leaf.

The big challenge was retrieving the Black Star pickax from the golden leaf and so far no one had been able to do so.

This meant that it was impossible for them to obtain this supreme divine weapon and, therefore, it was less likely that they would be able to break the leaves on the top of the tree. It was all the more impossible to obtain the Soul Cores located inside.

It was only when someone discovered the bugs that lived on the tree that they felt hope again. These bugs had no names but once the people of the divine kingdoms discovered that they ate ores to survive, they began calling them mineral-devouring bugs.

The leaves that daunted even the most powerful masters of the Soul Sea Realm were an easy task for the mineral-devouring bugs. So, the warriors of the divine kingdoms stopped worrying about how to obtain the Black Star pickax and focused on studying the mineral-devouring bugs. Their hard work paid off and, in the end, they got the Soul Cores, which enabled them to enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land.

The rumor that the Black Star pickax was impossible to get spread widely so everyone in the four divine kingdoms gave up on looking for ways to get it. Zen, on the other hand, had no idea about it. He had never heard of such a thing as the Black Star pickaxe, so he did not understand how challenging it was to obtain and he thought he might be able to get it out from the leaf.

"Well, now I know why I failed to take it out from the leaf." Zen exhaled gently, feeling a little regretful for trying so hard in achieving something nearly impossible.

He then decided to forget about it and move on. He got up and went back through the narrow door of the pyramid to search for the life stones.

Zen's pickax was broken but his fists were as strong as a sacred weapon. He just had to use a little more strength and put in a little more effort to break the leaves.

For two hours he tried hard but had no results.

In order to find the life stones, Zen gave up on mining other ores. The value of ores on and above the 35th floor was high but he did not have the patience or time or energy to waste on gathering more. He kept going in and out of the pyramid in order to look for the life stones in the tree.

From the 35th floor all the way to the 40th floor, the number of leaves on each floor decreased. Zen went back and forth over a thousand times, carefully inspecting every leaf, but he still couldn't find a single life stone.

During the search for life stones, Zen had encountered a few green mineral-d

eral-devouring bugs ranked them as eleventh-level fierce beasts, which meant that these six purple mineral-devouring bugs were equivalent to six mighty warriors of the Soul Sea Realm.

Zen didn't feel the power of any domain from these bugs but he was still taken by surprise by their abrupt attack. Without a second thought, he turned around quickly and leaped out of the leaf.

"Squeak squeak squeak…" the chirping continued.

The moment Zen leaped out, the leading purple mineral-devouring bug which was just three feet away from Zen, used its slender feet under its abdomen and tried to capture Zen.

If Zen was seized by it, all the other five purple mineral-devouring bugs would immediately surround him and attack him together. Then Zen would be in great trouble. He had to handle the situation quickly.

"You want to capture me? You are dreaming!"

Zen twisted his waist in midair and a cold light flashed in his hand. He drew his long sword and slashed the purple mineral-devouring bugs with it.


To his surprise, the invincible top-grade sacred weapon didn't work. The purple mineral-devouring bug didn't suffer a single scratch, not even a slight bruise from his sword. The purple mineral-devouring bug's legs were not very thick, only about the size of a human arm. When Zen charged its top-grade sacred weapon into them, it only produced a crisp sound and a few sparks.

"How come the armor of these bugs is so hard?" Zen was shocked. Suddenly he felt like he was pushed down by the reverse force of his strikes.

He was falling extremely fast being pushed down by the reverse thrust of his strikes and the force of gravity. The purple mineral-devouring bugs kept on chasing him as he was falling. In fact, they were in a hot pursuit and actually dove down towards Zen.


As he saw the bugs coming after him, he hurriedly sped up to run for his life. He frantically revolved his life vitality and, at the same time, he released the forceful energy in his body. These, combined with the forces dragging him down, made him fall at an incredible speed.

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