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   Chapter 1148 Black Star

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"Not many life stones, though I did manage to collect quite a lot supreme life vitality crystals. I already have over 30, 000 of them now," Camilla replied, pouting her lips. She knew that Zen was not interested in supreme life vitality crystals at all. All he wanted was life stones, and life stones only. But every single life stone that any other warrior had dug out had already been taken over. She had bought them at a very high price, and now no one had any life stones left. She had been using some rare ores to lure these warriors. Some of them had even tried borrowing life stones from others, but to no avail.

All the life stones were here now, in Camilla's hands. Who were they going to borrow from?

"I see," Zen replied as he walked towards the pyramid once again.

He had completed his exploration of the 34th layer of the pyramid now, and his target was the next one. There was even a chance that with increasing height, the chances of finding life stones decreased, but he still had to try.

As he arrived at the 35th layer of the pyramid, he saw a special door.

Every single door that he had seen on the pyramid was supported by two gray pillars, forming a narrow passageway that was only as wide as an average person. This essentially meant that only one person could enter at a time.

However, there was a different door in the 35th layer. The pillars of this door were carved out of two Genuine Dragons. These two Genuine Dragons were staring at Zen with their mouths wide open, looking very lifelike and slightly scary.

'Why is this door different?' Zen thought as a hint of curiosity appeared on his face. Perhaps this was special.

Most warriors had chosen to mine for ores below the 30th layer, and none of the divine-level talents was willing to enter the 35th layer or above. The reason was very simple; it was going to be a complete waste of time anyhow. They couldn't dig out the ores from the leaves of the 35 layer at all, and if they were to encounter mineral-devouring bugs, then their lives would be in danger as well. Even a simple green mineral-devouring bug would prove quite difficult for them to handle.

Without much thought, Zen decided to investigate.

After he stepped through the door, he fell down just like he had for the past 34 layers. Soon, he found himself on top of a giant leaf. However, this leaf was completely different from the others.

The other leaves had been as beautiful and clear as glass. They had been glowing with an enchanting blue light. The higher the layer, the darker the blue. However, the giant leaf underneath Zen's feet right now was glowing with a golden light.

"This leaf seems to be very special." A curious expression appeared on Zen's face as he began to size it up carefully.

During his appraisal of the leaf, Zen's gaze suddenly froze.

"That is... a pickax! What rank is it? It looks special to me!" Zen cried out involuntarily.

A short pickax was embedded in the mi

layer, it is impossible for a low-grade sacred weapon to break so quickly and so cleanly!" Randy remarked with a puzzled expression. This pickax was a low-grade sacred weapon, and as far as he knew, it was completely suitable for mining. The head of the pickax was thick and wide. Normally, it would be extremely difficult to break it. It was not that Randy was blaming Zen for breaking the pickax. Obtaining a low grade sacred weapon was extremely hard, but Randy valued Zen more than some pickax.

Zen replied honestly, "I found something strange in the 35th layer."

"What?" When he heard Zen's words, a look of realization suddenly appeared on Randy's face. "You mean the pickax in the gold leaf, right? You didn't try to dig that out, did you?"

That light golden leaf was not hard to find and Randy obviously knew about it. Zen then nodded his head. He was a bit embarrassed for having broken his companion's pickax.

"Ha-ha! That explains it. Dude, my fault! I should've told you earlier." Randy then explained, "That golden leaf is impossible to break. The pickax that is wrapped in that golden leaf is called 'Black Star.' It is recorded in the records of the Dragon Lineage Human. You know, it is a supreme divine weapon!"

"A supreme divine weapon?" Zen was stunned. At first, he thought that divine weapons were similar to sacred weapons and were divided into top grade, mid grade, and low grade. It seemed that this was not the case. The truth was that Zen had never come into contact with a divine weapon before. Since right now both the cyan dragon and the red dragon were sleeping, and Lavender was immersed in the Soul Nurturing Wood, he had nobody he could ask about it.

Randy smiled and replied, "I am not sure exactly how powerful a supreme divine weapon is. Anyway, this is how the documents recorded about the pickax. The most important usage of this pickax is not to defend against the enemy, but to mine. It is used to break the leaves on the top of the mine!"

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