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   Chapter 1147 Not Enough

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Zen took out the ores from the body of the mineral-devouring bug and handed them to Camilla.

He did get a lot of life stones, but the number was nowhere near his goal.

Letitia's life energy was on the verge of drying up and these life stones could probably wake her up, though they couldn't restore her life energy to her original state.

Allowing Letitia into this kind of a situation had always been a great shame for Zen and he'd been deeply remorseful. The only way he could make it up to her was by obtaining as many life stones as possible.

There was no Soul Core in the body of this mineral-devouring bug. Most of the divine-level talents were disappointed.

They knew that even if Zen dug out a Soul Core from this bug, they probably wouldn't be able to get their hands on it. But they couldn't help but hope for a Soul Core when they saw Zen catch the bug.

Once he had dealt with the body of the mineral-devouring bug, Zen turned to Randy, curiosity written on his face. "Why is this so-called Soul Core so important?" he asked.

This was not a secret. Even the divine-level talents that entered the Feather Holy Sea for the first time seemed to be very clear about it. Randy simply told Zen, "Remember the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land that I mentioned to you?"

Zen nodded.

Many of the Soul Sea Realm masters weren't interested in the Feather Emperor Secret Land, the Mysterious Dream Secret Land, or the Divine Emperor Secret Land. They were only interested in the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land, which was way more important than the other three secret lands. And that was where the secret of the Dragon Lineage Human and the Ancestral Dragon's egg were located.

"Could it be that the Soul Core is somehow connected to entering the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land?" Zen continued to ask.

"That's right. Only by obtaining a Soul Core can we become qualified enough to go to the grand graveyard in the Divine Emperor Secret Land and control the corpses of the Dragon Lineage Humans," Randy said with a smile.

Zen's eyes flashed at Randy's words.

He simultaneously felt a slight tremble in his mind and recognized it to be the vibration of the cyan dragon's soul.

Zen had promised the cyan dragon that he would get the Ancestral Dragon's egg, but that was only if he had the chance.

Even a powerful warrior at the Soul Sea Realm found it difficult to enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. With Zen's current strength, he might not be able to do anything.

It was a good thing that the Feather Holy Sea opened every year. If Zen didn't get through this year, he would only need to accumulate enough life stones. He would first go back to the Central Region and replenish Letitia's life energy, and then when the time was right, he could come back to this continent.


Soul Sea Realm wouldn't have been as good as him, right?"

"I have nothing to say anyway. Let's forget about what's happening this year. Next year, I will definitely advise my father not to let him in. If this goes on, he'll be able to dig out all the ores in the mine by himself!"

"Alas! I want that Saint Forging Stone, but the price offered by that woman is too high. She wants 50 life stones in exchange for it. I really can't take out fifty life stones! Not even one!"

Many of the divine-level talents were also envious, but they didn't dare rob Zen openly. Zen wasn't afraid of anyone, and he had even dared to look down upon Fredric, the crown prince of the York Divine Kingdom. If they as much as tried to rob him, it would be difficult for them to escape.

Zen's mining efficiency was not inferior to that of the mighty warriors at the Soul Sea Realm. After borrowing the power of the dragon scales, his pure strength was comparable to that of some powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm, and he might even prove to be stronger than them.

Moreover, the powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm would need to use up the reserves of their physical strength to mine like this, while Zen directly borrowed the endless power of the dragon scales. Although the power of the dragon scales would also be consumed eventually, with Zen's current strength, the rate at which he used the power of the dragon scales was much slower than his recovery.

This meant that he had an unending source of power. Given all this, who could compete with him when it came to mining efficiency?

Moreover, the mining efficiency wasn't the problem. The number of life stones was the problem here.

"Camilla, how many life stones have you got?" Zen walked over and threw a brightly colored ore on top of the small mountain. There were at least a thousand ores piled up there.

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