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   Chapter 1145 Threat

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Zen rushed through the narrow door and fell straight down.

His gaze was fixed on the leaf. The big bug was eating the ore in the leaf.

One thousand feet, five hundred feet, one hundred feet...

Power had already begun to accumulate in Zen's fists.


Zen attacked. He was desperate for the life stones. Even if there was only one life stone in the bug's body, he would kill for it.

The strike contained the impact of the fall. Meanwhile, Zen also activated the power of five hundred dragon scales.

He went straight for the bug's back. However, as he approached it, the bug seemed to have a premonition. It stomped its two hind legs and evaded the punch by flipping to one side.


Zen's fist slammed forcefully onto the leaf. The giant leaf, along with the stem began to tremble.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

The bug who was now twenty feet away from Zen, waved its sharp forelegs, provoking him.

Zen looked at the leaf beneath his feet. His punch had already made quite a few cracks on it. He swept his gaze over it but could not find the life stone.

His body was as hard as a sacred weapon and possessed terrifying strength. He could break the leaves on the 30th layer without using a pickax. Of course, it would be easier using one.

"You want to provoke me?"

Light flashed in Zen's eyes as a look of determination came on his face. He bent his legs slightly.

Although the huge bug was quick and nimble, Zen was confident of catching it.

The bug was still waving its forelegs and squeaking, almost mocking him. Suddenly Zen leaped, covering the distance between them in a flash, his outstretched arms ready to grab the bug!

The huge bug was even more agile than Life and Death Realm warriors. Its perception of danger seemed to come entirely from its instinct. Even though Zen had deployed a strategy to attack it, the bug still sensed danger through its incredibly strong sense of smell. Before Zen could launch another attack, it spread its wings, preparing to leave the leaf and flee.

"You're going nowhere!" Zen said.

In that split-second, the forceful energy within his body erupted, and his body was propelled forward two feet!

Zen's body left the leaf. At the same time, the invisible falling force be

g bug fell to the ground, Zen crushed its head. Its vitality was also very tenacious. Even without its head, it continued to swing its six feet, struggling for a long time before its legs slowly stiffened, and its life gradually ended.

Zen dusted off his clothes and jumped off the dead bug. Camilla rushed to him. She had been in such a hurry she didn't even have the time to transfer the pile of ores on the ground into her space ring; instead, she just wrapped the ores haphazardly in her clothes. "Thad, how, how did you catch a mineral-devouring bug?" she asked wide-eyed.

"Oh. Is that a mineral-devouring bug?" Zen asked.

By now Lord Randy had also hurried over from the circle of light. He noticed that Zen had already subdued the mineral-devouring bug. He was happy and surprised at the same time.

Not just the Lord, but even the other practitioners in the mining tree had left the light circle and rushed over to Zen to see what the hubbub was all about.

When Lord Randy heard Zen's question, he laughed loudly and replied, "That's right, Thad. That is a mineral-devouring bug. It devours ores from the tree."

Zen looked at the divine-level talents, who were rushing over, with a strange expression on his face. 'Even though it is a mineral-devouring bug, it couldn't be valuable. It only has some ores in its stomach, ' he thought.

Before he could voice his thoughts, someone nearby said, "Zen, I would advise you not to touch this mineral-devouring bug. Otherwise, you'll be dead for sure."

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