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   Chapter 1144 Living Off Ores

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Zen was extremely pleased to have such a shrewd woman like Camilla help him take care of the ores. The value of the ores did not matter and he could care less about the commission.

"I'll leave this to you then!" he told her before he left.

Camilla knew her own strength. Her might as a martial artist only allowed her to mine treasures from the 19th to 20th floors but even if she worked hard, it was highly unlikely for her to find anything good. It was better for her to stay and take care of Zen's ores. Maybe it was in business that she'd be able to display her talents more.

She smiled gracefully at the people that waited in front of her, "My friends, you can choose as you please. You can also enjoy a preferential price! But the life stones come first!"

The warriors rolled their eyes. Besides the first person who managed to bag a good bargain, they all knew that the rest of them were already one step behind. It was fortunate that the price charged wasn't too outrageous so a lot of them still surrounded Camilla and her wares.

Zen, on the other hand, was already busy climbing the pyramid. Soon enough, he reached the 30th floor.

The 30th floor was usually reserved for Life and Death Realm masters but Zen would take his chance today. He easily passed through the narrow door and found himself landing on one of the leaves.

The leaves on the 30th floor were twice as wide as those on the 29th floor. Here, the higher the leaves were, the larger, darker, and harder they were to break.

Zen had gone inside the 30th floor for treasure but as soon as he landed on the leaf, he immediately felt a strong wave of killing intent.

"Squeak, squeak, squeak…"

He wasn't alone.

Beside him was a large insect that had been sitting quietly on the leaf before he arrived. The insect had six legs and was as tall as two people combined. It had a pair of brown, compound eyes and abdominal scales that shone and flickered with green light.

Zen carefully stood up from his spot, keen to avoid the insect's wrath but even the slightest movement was enough to alert the bug. It immediately pounced towards him!

Zen frowned upon seeing this giant bug. He thought that all the creatures in the Feather Holy Sea had perished in the blood sacrifice. What was a living bug doing here?


The bug had thrust its spear-like foreleg towards Zen and pierced a clean hole through the leaf.

'That front leg is sharp! What a great power!' he thought to himself.

And indeed, the bug's leg was no joke. Back in the 29th floor, Zen would need to activate more than one hundred dragon scales to be able to break the leaves with his mining pickaxe which was already a low-level sacred weapon. Th

ady gotten ten life stones for you! As well as two thousand supreme life vitality crystals!"

The divine-level talents had a lot of supreme life vitality crystals but not many life stones.

Zen nodded in approval before tapping his space ring. Seven to eight ores shot out towards Camilla instantly just as he charged straight up to the pyramid.

"Ah, Violet Crystal, Crescent Moon Stone, and Jade Heart Stone…" Camilla listed down the ores' names before they landed in front of her.

It was an effective marketing strategy as the other warriors instantly rushed towards her. The jealousy was apparent in their faces as they looked at the ores.

"What kind of luck does this Thad have? Even if he's on the 30th floor, it would be impossible for him to dig out so many valuable ores in just one go!"

"A few others have also entered the 30th floor but they only got a few ordinary items and two broken pickaxes. Why is he so lucky…"

"He's strong, powerful, and he also has good fortune. It's so unfair!"

If someone was able to attain something through strength and willpower, people would usually admire him. However, if someone achieved something through luck, people would often feel jealous and moan about the unfairness of life. They did not know that luck could also be considered as strength for a rare group of people in this world.

Meanwhile, Zen was already on his way. He had to quickly kill that bug and get the stones. He quickly located the narrow door he had gone through earlier and entered the one right next to it.

Each door corresponded to a leaf and taking the door next to the one he entered earlier meant he would be able to land on the leaf that the bug was on. If he was fast enough, the bug would still be busy eating ores and he could get his chance in eliminating it.

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