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   Chapter 1143 Trade

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When Zen came out of the pyramid, he was preparing to set off for the 30th floor.

Every time Zen stepped out, he would find a large crowd gathering and discussing things. It was interesting—Zen wondered why they didn't seize the opportunity to explore the pyramid. What were they all doing there?

Eventually, Zen discovered that they were all gathering to trade for ores.

Although it was unknown where the large tree sucked the ores from, those ores found in the pyramid were all unique. Through an exchange, the warriors could pick out what they needed.

Just as Zen prepared to climb up, an idea dawned on him.

When Zen walked over to the group, all the people suddenly fell silent.

Having been a sensation with his previous performance, he certainly left a deep impression on the divine-level talents of the younger generation.

Unbothered by their reaction, he brought out some ores from his space ring and piled them up on the ground. "Whoever has life stones can exchange them for my ores."

Many of these divine-level talents had explored the floors above the 20th. But at most, they could only reach the 26th floor. None of them were strong enough to break the hard leaves further up, so they never brought back any ores from the higher floors.

As Zen wandered the 29th floor, apart from the life stones, he found some other ores of good shapes and beautiful colors—he took those he could with him in his space ring.

With the help of the pickax, which was a sacred weapon, and some power of the dragon scales, digging the ores out wasn't a particularly difficult task for Zen.

The higher the floor he reached, the better the ores he could find. But most of them wouldn't be of any real use to Zen. There were some rare ores among them, with the value not less than that of life stones.

It was no surprise how many of the warriors' eyes immediately lit up with excitement the minute Zen threw out the stones he found in the pyramid.

Some of the ores were exactly what they needed.

The pile of ores were undoubtedly attractive. One of the warriors even pointed to the pile and offered, "I don't have any life stones. Name a price for this jade green ore. I can buy it with my supreme life vitality crystals."

These divine-level talents came from fifth-grade noble clans. There was no doubt that all of them were extremely rich. While they didn't have any life stones, they did have more than enough supreme life vitality crystals.

Shaking his head, Zen declined, "My ores are not for sale. If you want anything, you need to bring me life stones in exchange for it."

Disbelief painted the warrior's face upon hearing Zen's words. The next moment, he shouted out, "Two hundred supreme life vitality crystals!"

Zen didn't even bat an eyelid. He didn't want to explain his words to him twice.

"Three hundred…three hundred supreme life vitality crystals." A

aid, "How about this—three thousand and five hundred supreme life vitality crystals plus the twelve life stones in your hands for the Golden Warm Stone! No other price!"


He could have obtained the pure gold with only six life stones, but this woman messed it all up for him. How could he not be frustrated? And he did intend to use the remaining six life stones to exchange for the Golden Warm Stone…

Unfortunately, he couldn't do anything to Camilla.

Still, as he calculated 3500 supreme life vitality crystals, plus the 12 life stones for the Golden Warm Stone, he couldn't deny that there was a chance of profit margin in the deal. In the end, he gritted his teeth and said, "Okay, deal!"

After the deal was sealed, Zen took the twelve life stones from her hands, leaving the life vitality crystals. "Thank you. This is your reward, I don't need them…"

"How stupid!"

Stuffing the supreme life vitality crystals in Zen's hands, she continued, "Besides trading your ores for life stones, you can also use supreme life vitality crystals to buy life stones from others. They're usually found in clusters. There are at least eight or ten of them in discovery, rarely six in a cluster. He said that he had six of them so obviously he hid some from you."

Camilla's analysis left Zen rather stunned—the woman was much more shrewd than he had imagined.

However, Zen couldn't be blamed for it—he had no knowledge of the market price of the ores. Since Camilla was a martial artist from the Harlen Divine Kingdom, she had been exposed to such materials and could distinguish them since she was at a young age. These ores were produced in Feather Holy Sea, and Zen failed to look up any information on them in the memories of the great world's will.

"Since you saved me before, I'll help you exchange the life stones right here!"

With a smile, Camilla added, "But you'll have to pay me commissions for every deal I make."

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