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   Chapter 1140 Finding The Life Stones

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Zen was holding a pickax. It was a low-grade sacred weapon so it wasn't difficult for him to cut open the leaf. As he continuously swung the pickax, the crack on the leaf became bigger until it burst open and a few ores of different sizes fell into his hand.

These ores weren't considered valuable. Even in the Central Region they could be considered rare ores, but they weren't top-grade ores. The warriors of Randy's level in the four divine kingdoms would casually discard these ores.

Zen didn't think like they did. He gathered the ores and saved them in his space ring. He felt hesitant for a while without knowing what to do. Since he had dug up the ores in this leaf, he should be able to choose to leave this place, but he didn't know how.

There was neither visible sky nor ground.

Zen looked up and saw a warrior four to five layers higher than him. He was rapidly digging out ores from a leaf. After he finished, he leaped and fell down into the void below.

Soon after, a ring appeared out of nowhere, spreading out like a ripple, and the warrior also disappeared within it.

That was how he could get out. There was probably a transmission array beneath this tree that would allow a warrior to go out.

Zen was prepared to follow suit and jump up, but in that instance he saw that within the scattered roots of the tree there were also some strange-looking ores.

This large tree used its main stem to absorb many ores and drive them into its countless branches, and finally the leaves.

"What will happen if I cut this branch off?" Zen thought.

He immediately leaped towards a branch. Just as he was about to pull out his long sword, which was a top-grade sacred weapon, a strange force pulled him downwards.

It happened so fast that Zen didn't have much time to react. When he came back to his senses, he was already standing outside of the pyramid with his sword and pickax in his hands. Randy, on the other hand, stood before him with a smile.

He looked at Zen's long sword and chuckled. "It seems like you intended to cut off a branch of the tree. Countless people have already tried it before, but no one can do it!"

Of course, the warriors of the four divine kingdoms had been exploring the Feather Holy Sea for so many years that they probably had tried everything Zen could think of.

Cutting off a branch was definitely much more efficient than digging through a leaf. But it didn't matter if it was a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, or a Life and Death Realm warrior, or e

erous for him at all if he enters the layers below the 30th layer. However, the layers above that are completely different."

Amidst the crowd's discussion, Zen walked through a door in the 28th layer. A couple of seconds later, he fell down from the ring of light outside of the pyramid. He felt desperate.

Once again he failed to find life stones that he needed in the 28th layer.

Zen was feeling rather frustrated by now. He needed a great number of life stones, not just one or two. He estimated that in order to fully replenish Letitia's life energy, he would need at least a thousand life stones. If he kept going like this, he would be lucky if he could obtain one or two hundred life stones.

After falling from the ring of light, Zen picked himself up, grabbed his pickax and climbed up to the 29th layer.

"What is he trying to do?"

"Probably searching for some sort of ore."

This time, Zen landed on one of the leaves in the 29th layer. The moment his feet landed on it, a glint flashed across his eyes and a faint smile appeared on his face.

He finally found life stones!

This light blue leaf was about ten feet wide and five feet thick. It looked like a huge blue crystal. Sealed within the leaf there were several pieces of egg-like ancient jade. These were the life stones he had been looking for.

Zen counted sixteen life stones wrapped within this leaf. Although it was far from what he needed, it was still not a small amount. He would gather as many as he could and keep looking through other leaves.

"What is this?" he murmured. In the middle of the life stones there was a shiny object that Zen couldn't identify. He stared at it, puzzled.

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