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   Chapter 1139 Pickaxes

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The civilization that the Dragon Lineage Human had built within the Feather Holy Sea was marvelous and had caught the eye of every single person. Everyone who was walking along the road would admire the buildings whose style was completely different from that of the human race, and in awe of their magnificent style and beauty. Several exclaims were heard every now and then.

"If only I could stay here forever!" Camilla let out a deep sigh.

"Stay here forever?" Renzo laughed and taunted. "So that the power of the blood sacrifice can squash you to death? What a choice!"

There was a strong influence of the blood sacrifice on this place and only the Dragon Lineage Humans were able to survive inside. Rumor had it that some of the Dragon Lineage Humans were still living inside the Feather Holy Sea.

Unlike the procession, Zen completely ignored these sights as he followed closely behind Randy. During this trip, he had to find life stones as many as possible. This was his main goal as he entered the Feather Holy Sea.

Under the leadership of Randy, everyone progressed and suddenly, they saw a pyramid appear in front of them.

The pyramid was very unique in terms of structure. From its base to its very top, every single one of its layers had numerous narrow doors about the width and height of a person. It was densely packed with these kinds of doors and these doors were such that each door would only allow one person to pass through it. The person who had built the pyramid most probably wanted only one person to pass through each door.

"Which door is the entrance?" Zen asked curiously as he looked at the doors. He roughly estimated that there were at least ten thousand doors around the pyramid, and most probably several times more than that.

To his surprise, Randy shrugged his shoulders and laughed. "They are all doors, and they are all entrances!"

"But they are so many. How can they all be entrances?" Camilla looked at Randy with curiosity.

Randy smiled and replied, "There are, in totality, 100, 000 entrances to the mine of the Dragon Lineage Human."

Just as Randy was explaining the ways of the mine, they suddenly saw some blue-colored rings of light appear on the side of the pyramid following which, several warriors fell down from them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Zen recognized that these warriors were the divine-level talents who had passed through the Slow Arrow Area with him. Only about half of them had chosen to stay in the Spirit Beast Area for a while, and the others had decided to walk through it as fast as they could. As a result, they were the first ones to enter the mine.

Zen looked at them and saw that they were all carrying golden pickaxes. Something about the tools in their hands caught his eye. "Am I seeing things? Even their mining pickaxes are low-grade fairy weapons?"

Hearing Zen's words, Randy let out a laugh. "Bro, you seem somewhat ignorant. The mine of the Dragon Lineage Human is comp

of whether he looked at the main stem or at the leaves of the plant, he saw that they were all flickering with a magnificent color. The main hue of this plant was light blue, like a layer of crystal wrapped in the outer layer, but the inner layer was a myriad of particles shining with hundreds of different shades.

'Wow! What exactly is this thing?'

Just as this thought appeared in Zen's mind, he directly fell on one of the leaves.

'These leaves seem to correspond with the doors of the pyramid outside.' Zen raised his head to take a look. He had entered through one of the doors in the bottom layer and had fallen on the leaf at the bottom of the plant, missing several ones above him.

'The bottom of this leaf seems to contain ores! Could these ores have grown from the body of this plant?' Zen's heart skipped a beat. He finally understood what those colorful granules were. They seemed to be ores of all kinds.

Zen looked up at the giant tree and awe appeared on his face as he pondered over the plant. 'There are really so many wonders in this world. I think it isn't the plant itself that produces these ores. Instead, the plant takes the ores out from the bottom of the ground through its roots which then appear here.'

The leaf under Zen's feet contained several ores, each of a different color. He swept his gaze over them, but did not find any life stone that he wanted. However, since he had come in, he naturally had to take some of the ores with him. Therefore, he swiped the pickax in his hand at the leaf.

Crack! With a crisp sound, sparks flew in all directions.

When Zen's pickax hit the blue-colored leaf, a small crack immediately appeared on it. Even a sacred weapon hadn't completely cracked the leaf!

"Wow! This is so tough," Zen exclaimed. Randy was right. Even digging the ores with a low-grade sacred weapon seemed to be a bit strenuous. It was highly probable that no pickax below the fairy-weapon grade could dig the ores out.

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